By the end of the story Jimmy realizes that he needs to move on from Martha. : "he is carrying "nothing" symbolizes how he desperately wants to be free, how he wants to leave the war and become a free young man again, with no bounds holding him back to the war, with no preoccupation for his life or the lives of others. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carries letters from a girl named Martha, a college student back in New Jersey. He finds something unchristian Jimmy Cross receives a pebble from Martha the week before Lavender dies. P-38 can openers, pocket knives, heat tabs, wristwatches, dog tags, mosquito repellent, chewing gum, candy, cigarettes, salt tablets, packets of Kool-Aid, lighters, matches, sewing kits, Military Payment Certificates, C rations, and two or three canteens of water. 5. He loves her, and though he knows she doesn't love him, he hopes she will. The one who goes to war, not wanting to, but because he's afraid of what others might think of him? One of the missions that the soldiers had, was destroying the tunnels built by the Vietnamese. about the lack of drama surrounding this type of death and wonders One morning it is Lee Strunk's turn to search a tunnel. Without thinking about Martha, war might be harder for him emotionally but he is saved from something that is not reality. The things When using this assessment tool, you will need to: Tim O'Brien reveals a lot of information in the first chapter of his famous book. Mitchell Sanders carries condoms, and Norma Bowker carries a diary. photographs. He often daydreams about romantic vacations with her. You will be quizzed on characters who are introduced and events that transpire in this opening chapter. Jimmy Cross carries the maps, the compasses, and the responsibility Then Lee Strunk reappears. Why does Jimmy use this excuse? He is thinking of Martha, of how she is leading a different life far away, and will never love him, and he hates himself for letting that distract him from his men. He plans the day’s march and concludes that he will He begins to hate her, even as he loves her. They were not love letters, but Lieutenant Cross was hoping, so he kept them folded in plastic at the bottom of his rucksack. Henry Dobbins, who was a big man, carried extra rations; Ted Lavender carried 6 or 7 ounces of premium dope, which for him was a necessity. of Than Khe—where the soldiers burn everything and shoot dogs and He keeps the pebble under his tongue and thinks about walking with Martha, not carrying anything. Jimmy thinks about Martha every night and at the times where most trouble is at his hands. They are things in the most physical sense—mosquito Why do they use profanity? His love sometimes distracts him from taking care of his soldiers. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal his neck. This fragment follows the death of Ted Lavender when Lieutenant Jimmy Cross blames himself for it. despite the men’s inevitable grumbling, his job is not to be loved but to lead. Cross carries her letters in his backpack and her good-luck pebble Lee Strunk carried a slingshot; a weapon of last resort, he called it. They all carry as much as they can, for entertainment and protection, including awe and fear of the things they carry. Martha is an English major who writes letters that quote lines of poetry and never mention the war. They are ashamed afterward. He wants to be down in the tunnel with her, crushed by love. Jimmy felt like his death was because he loved Martha so much and he could not stop thinking about her while Ted was in the platoon. on a mission to destroy tunnel complexes, Cross imagines the tunnels collapsing The Things They Carried and American War Novels. Here is his excuse for allowing his men to be lax: He was just a kid at war in love. He is so happy to be alive that he makes a gleeful screaming sound, and then Ted Lavender is shot in the head. The main point is that the author is trying to explain how the worst enemy for any soldier at war was their imagination because it enabled them to consider the more dreadful  environments and scenarios in places like the tunnels or even in the moments of war, which in turn would paralyze them with fear and anguish, and most likely, get them killed. A death in the squad under his supervision causes Cross to reconsider his priorities, and, heartbroken, he burns and throws away all reminders of Martha in order to stave off dangerous distractions. Cross carries her letters in his backpack and her good-luck pebble in his mouth. The men carry some amazingly heavy physical and emotional burdens. The Things They Carried What were some symbols in chapter 1 of "The Things They Carried?" This was the truth of all the members of the platoon and the point of this paragraph is to lead the reader to reflection and make him ask himself: Who is truly a coward? Make this line and others like it more concise. low-rank-ing soldiers and carry a standard M-16 assault He plans to call the men together and Still, Cross can think of nothing but Martha. Several men carry grenade At night, sometimes, Lieutenant Cross wondered who had taken the picture, because he knew she had boyfriends, because he loved her so much, and because he could see the shadow of the picture-taker spreading out against the brick wall.

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