somebody - anybody - nobody - something - anything - nothing - somewhere - anywhere - nowhere. – But I haven’t got any left. ; Somebody called you yesterday. 3. ; any-in negative and interrogative sentencesWe use anything, anybody/anyone, anywhere in negative sentences and questions. This is a good exercise to practice somewhere, anywhere, something, anything, someone and anyone. ... English Exercises > some or any exercises. I've got in my eye. Let's go somewhere this weekend. 1. Here are 10 exercises to help you learn and practice the difference between something, anything, someone, anyone, somewhere, anywhere in English. Complete with someone, somewhere, something ... Today you have to complete with: somewhere, something, someone, anything, anywhere or anyone. Something, anything, nothing, etc. There's something in the bag. 1. We use someone / somebody / something / somewhere in the same way as some and we use anyone / anybody / anything / anywhere in the same way as any. 4. This exercise is about somebody / something / somewhere / anybody / anything / anywhere / nobody / nothing / nowhere / everybody / everything / everywhere. something, anything, someone, anyone, somewhere, anywhere - Exercises - Learning English Online Download this lesson in PDF here. Someone closed the door and locked us out. There isn’t anybody in the house. Pronouns: something, anything, nothing, everything, somebody, anybody,nobody,every body,somewhere,anywh ere,nowhere,everywhe re Level: elementary Age: 7-17 Downloads: 226 Indefinite pronouns exercises: something, anything, somebody, anybody, somewhere, anywhere, someone, anyone. Grammar exercises online. QUANTIFIERS QU 2 Fill in: some, any, somewhere, anywhere, someone, anyone, something and anything. We can find somebody who can help. There’s something under that chair. 2. Read the lesson about these words here. table . some-in affirmative sentencesWe normally use something, somebody/someone, somewhere in affirmative sentences. Good luck! Look! Grammar exercises online esl The map must be somewhere … – Yes, please. We use somebody / something / somewhere mainly in positive sentences. 2. If you have any questions, please ask me. Would you like some more tea?

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