UCLA online courses provide the tools and support you need to successfully participate in and fully utilize the online learning experience. We’re currently planning Summer Session 2021.

This course will introduce students to the formal and aesthetic principles of cinema, cultivating students’ literacy in both media form and cultural representation. There are dozens of online courses are offered this summer in a number exciting subject areas. August 15, 2021. It is an easy and user-friendly language to use to create apps, games, software, etc. This course will introduce students to that history, as well as the methods, theories, conceptual frameworks, and key debates in Black Studies. Choose from over 50 inspiring summer school subjects. NOTE: Theater 106 discussion sections meet via live weekly video conferences. Professor Jasmine Nadua Trice is an assistant professor of Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television. J. William Schopf is an American paleobiologist and professor of earth sciences at the University of California Los Angeles. He turned a decade of experience fetching coffee into his writing/directing debut. While exploring themes of self identify, hope, and global awareness, students will begin to develop their own self story. Courses are taught by Illinois faculty and are offered to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate students and non-degree students from around the globe. Jessica Collett is a Professor of Sociology who specializes in social psychology, specifically the study of self, identity, and small groups.

This course meets entirely online during the Cross Session (6/1/2020-7/24/2020). Work with a TA from the UCLA MFA screenwriting program to develop the first ten pages of your own original feature-length screenplay. Every student will learn new skills and have fun while interacting with other students from all over the world and expanding their cultural awareness.

Students work in groups of three conducting experiments in areas of physiology, metabolism, cell biology, molecular biology, genotyping, and bioinformatics. Examination of basic science concepts of nutrition and application of them to student lives and real-world issues through lectures, videos, diet analysis, activities, reports, discussion of video and reading assignments, and reviews of community programs that apply nutrition and behavior theory to improve health of public. All students are kindly requested to adhere to our Online Remote Learning Responsible User Agreement, which you can download. It is intended to be interesting and educational, a course that will give you a basic understanding of life's long history on Earth and that will introduce knowledge and concepts of lasting value.

Behind that door is Mr. JD Wilson and the Lead U Crew who will virtually guide each student leader through a high-energy, fully interactive, differentiated empowerment experience.

This course provides a thorough foundation in plane Euclidean geometry with an emphasis on the formal nature of definition, the structure of knowledge, as well as inductive and deductive reasoning. By the end of the course, students should clearly understand the global and interconnected dimensions of the Black experience and a foundational knowledge of the discipline that will prepare students for more advanced courses in the field as well as in the humanities and social sciences, more generally. - Useful Resources, Academic Support and Learning Differences, Break Information for the Boarding Community, English on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You will also learn the fundamentals of good business, including strategy, marketing, management, and finances. Her specialties include the French Revolution, gender history, cultural history and historiography.

As a comprehensive introduction to the discipline, this course will teach students the history, methods, and foci of this unique perspective, as well as its practical value. Each student will be guided through important concepts, play fun math games, and enjoy math in this time of distance learning.

Though primarily focused on the U.S., lectures and readings will extend beyond this country’s borders to explore the development, over time, of African American life, community, and culture against persistent anti-Black racism, economic and political exploitation, and gender oppression. Examination of system variations across lifespan. An introduction to Western history in the modern period. Summer Session online classes are completely online. With over 40 years’ experience of running summer programs, our online courses are designed to provide support and guidance from our team of highly qualified teachers in a welcoming international community. Oxford Summer Courses is still open, running courses and operating as usual. Examine the Stanislavski "method" and other techniques advanced by famed acting teachers such as Uta Hagen, Stanford Meisner and Stella Adler. This GE course is an artist-centered look at the history of American drama and theater through the lens of formal innovation in the 20. centuries. The syllabus is arranged to look at both the centers and margins of American theater, and how national traumas are defined through theatrical works. Do you dream of starting a successful business in the future?

Finally, some time will be devoted to the Mathematics Exploration, which is the Internal Assessment component. Writing well on an AP History exam while the seconds are ticking by is extra. Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt). If you are unsure about how the University defines units and course loads, please refer to the Unit and Course Load page on our website. By that he meant interrogating the construction of racial categories, the production of difference, and the persistence of inequality; understanding how the very category of "Negro," "Black" or "African" came into being as a central feature of Western thought.

Explore the rise of democracy and human rights, industrialization and urbanization, and nationalism and imperialism. Please enquire about our highly competitive prices when registering your interest.

The course aims to help students develop logical and creative thinking, patience and persistence in problem-solving and to inspire confidence in using mathematics. Kelley's interests range widely, covering the history of labor and radical movements in the U.S., the African Diaspora, and Africa; intellectual and cultural history (particularly music and visual culture); urban studies, and transnational movements. You can be successful from any time zone, and continue to make degree progress and earn valuable, transferable UC credits! This is a fully asynchronous course. Helmed by Professor Jemima Pierre, this course features a variety of guest lecturers from UCLA's Department of African American Studies. Statement from the TASIS England Leadership, Looking for an International School?

Topics such as geographic coordinate systems, geoprocessing, raster processing and analysis, digitizing, and various types of spatial analysis are given in-depth treatment during this intensive seminar. Schopf is most well known for his study of Precambrian prokaryotic life in Australia's Apex chert. This two-week literacy and earth discovery course will begin by reading the book Walk Two Moons written by award-winning Sharon Creech, former TASIS English and writing teacher. A variety of resources are utilized to equip learners with an improved knowledge of various grammatical concepts, sentence structure, paragraphing, and extended writing, including descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and letter/email writing. Topics include error and computer arithmetic, root finding, curve fitting, numerical integration and differentiation, solution of systems of linear and nonlinear equations, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. During this two-week course, students will be introduced to the qualities of architectural space, form, function, and materiality through drawing, experimentation, and specialist workshop demonstrations.

This course is intended to be truly introductory; no previous screenwriting experience is expected. Below you will find examples of courses offered during Summer Quarter 2020.

NOTE: Philosophy 3 discussion sections meet via live weekly video conferences. These themes will be used to humanize the artists, and to explore the central question of the course: Why do artists make certain choices at certain historical moments? We are offering a wide variety of one- and two-week online courses from July 6 - 31, 2020, including EAL, STEM, IB Revision, SAT Test Prep, Fashion & Textile Design, Leadership Academy, and more. Topics include identifying material, attaching elements, and understanding the basics of financing for both studio and independent feature films. English-as-an-Additional Language (EAL) is a two-week intensive online English course that provides speakers of other languages a chance to further their English language skills, both written and spoken, through a range of interactive activities. Overview of nutritional sciences and public health nutrition. For more information on enrollment and registration, fees and payment, and relevant University and Summer Sessions policies applicable to online courses, please click on the link below. Python 3 is one of the most used and powerful programming languages. The summer online term offers you an opportunity to continue your education, persist toward graduation and learn valuable skills such as time management and goal setting. She is an award-winning teacher who is passionate about making sociology accessible and interesting to students. Writing Enhancement is a two-week intensive online English course that provides students whose first language is not English a chance to further their writing skills through a range of interactive activities. Introduction to or advancement of student knowledge of Shakespeare's works through broad or specific topics set by instructor. Consideration will be given to using the Graphics Display Calculator which is an integral tool for the IB Mathematics courses. This course will intentionally feel more like a virtual game show to the students, engaging each student to “compete” throughout the week in various daily challenges. Input/output, functions, data visualization, MATLAB-based data structures, and development of efficient codes. The instructor participates via live video feed while students type questions, enter responses and participate in live polls. His books include the prize-winning Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original; Race Rebels: Culture Politics and the Black Working Class; Yo' Mama's DisFunktional!

David Gorshein holds a Ph.D. from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, and has designed many courses for theater majors and non-majors. Discover more about the unique experience of each online course by clicking on the course titles below. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to fundamental principles and concepts behind the use and application of geographic information systems (GIS). Professor Denise Mann is Vice Chair of the UCLA MFA Producers Program. A variety of resources, such as worksheets and language games, from the BBC Learning English, the British Council, and other EAL sources are utilized to equip learners with an improved knowledge of English grammar, sentence structure, paragraphing, and extended reading and writing skills. The students continue by studying theatrical responses to other societal issues such as racism, misogyny and homophobia.

A full year’s study of Geometry will be covered at an accelerated pace. She has been awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, Getty Fellowship, American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellowship, the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award, and has served at the President of the American Historical Association. through practice, critical thinking, and data analysis and interpretation. In this class we are going to explore the art and craft of directing.

Students are challenged, encouraged to think deeply, and expected to perform university-level work.

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