Tosho; Nahalati Sabo; Nuku; Panagana; Rimba; Uboshenu; Yawule, Abuja; Adagba; Afo; Akori; Alampa; Allu; Ayaba; Bari-Bezi; Bazi-Bezi; Busga; Chakun; Chundugo; Dabbare; Dara; Dewu; Domi; Dum; Ekki; Fakon Tando; Gadabiri; Gari; Gasakba; Gasukpa; Gawu; Gawun; Gidan Maisaye; Gurdi; Guruza; Gwanda; Gwona; Jamigbe; Kafako; Kpace; Kularida; Kutara; Kwago; Kwakwa; Kyawu; Lafia Yaba; Managi; Nadichi; Nagun; Nassarawa; Nowog; Nyembo; Pako Base; Panagu; Pandaji; Pankuru; Panpari; Piowe; Sabongida; Sarowo-Abdu; Selifulyu; Shadad; Soitan; Takpeshi; Talpa; Tanaga; Wapa; Yelwa; Yelwa Gawu; Zuwa, Abacha Barracks; Apo; Damagaza; Dantata; Durumi I; Durumi II; Durumi III; Dutse; Garki Village; Gudu; Guzape; Kobi; Kurumduma; NEPA Village; Wumba, Airport; Barowa; Damakuba; Dandi; Dayisa; Dodo; Gbenduniya; Gbessa; Gora; Gosa; Gud Pasali; Gui; Gwako; Iddo Maaji; Iddo Pada; Iddo Sabo; Iddo Sarki; Iddo Tudunwada; Koloke; Makana; Makanima; Nuwalogye; Sauka; Takilogo; Toge; Tunga Kwaso; Tungan Jika; Tungan Wakili Isa; Zamani, Bagusa; Dei-die; Filin Dabo; Filin Dabo I; Filin Dabo II; Gwagwa; Kaba; Kagini; Karsana I; Karsana II; Karsana III; Saburi I; Saburi II; Tasha; Zaudna, Gwarinpa Fed. This correlates with the considerable growth and investment the city has seen as it has developed. Our records often include geographical coordinates of Lokogoma and it's corresponding postal code. It was learnt that plots of land were revoked from allottees of Mpape district to create the new Maitama II District, although a compensation plan is underway to relocate the revoked allottees to another district the government intends to create. Gwagwa Market; Tasha/Tasha Village; Karsana/Karsana Village; Kaba/Kaba Village; Kigini/Kigini Village; Saburi/Saburi Village; Filling Dabo/Filling Dabo Village; Zauda Village I; Zauda Village II; Bagusa/Bagusa Village; Ung. The ECOWAS Court has an official quarters for the President and Members of the Court in Gwarimpa. Millennium Park was designed by architect Manfredi Nicoletti and was officially opened by the United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II (the former Queen of Nigeria) in December 2003. Sch. Sch. There are several areas located within the Lokoja that make use of varying postal or zip codes. Asokoro district, Abuja zip code: 900231. The National Children's Park and Zoo hosts a number of animals, and recreation spots. ; Izom Fulani/Bagada Pri. [3], Independent National Electoral Commission, African University of Science and Technology,,_Nigeria&oldid=964247681, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Agyana; Bago; Bandagi; Dapala; Ebagi; Gbogbogo; Kebba; Manderegi; Nah. Abuja's Central District, also called Central Area, is a strip of land stretching from Aso Rock in the east to the National stadium and the Old City gate in the West.It is like the city's spinal cord, dividing it into the northern sector with Maitama and Wuse, and the southern sector with Garki and Asokoro. Reply. ; Phase III A / Behind University Of Abuja; Phase III B / Phase III Pri. G. Guest House; Area II, Sect. School; Iddo Sarki/Iddo Sarki Pri. Gwarimpa is the last district in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. Ibwa; Rafin Zurfi/Rafin Zurfi Pri. It is a necessary element in the monumental effort about to be undertaken by the Nigerian people.”, The master plan for Abuja defined the general structure and major design elements of the city that are now visible. ; Kayarda/Kayarda Pri. The district is subdivided into units called "Areas". ; Anagada/Anagada Pri. The Wuse Market is Abuja's principal market. Sch. This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 12:21. Church; Gidan Mangoro/Gidan Mangoro Village Centre; Army Barracks Estate Kurudu I; Army Barracks Estate Kurudu II; Army Barracks Estate Kurudu III; Unguwar Hausawa; Munafe Kwai New Resettlement Village; Army Baracks Kurudu; Anguwar Chakuwa Village Resettlement; Madalla Resettlement Village; Gidan Ajiya Village Resettlement, Gwagwa/Primary School Galadima; Gwagwa II/Civic Centre; Gwagwa III/Primary School; Gwagwa IV/Primary School; Gwagwa V / Opp. ; Forest; Opposite Deeper Life; Kayarda Opp Deepee Life; Interlectual Sch. In between the two, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the northeast trade wind, with the main feature of dust haze and dryness. V. A. Area II; Area 3/ Shopping Centre, Nysc Dhsq; Area 7/ B/W Blocl I, 8 II Navy Close; Area 8/Opp/ Block Flat 1 Mohd. [32][failed verification], There are eleven districts in Phase 3. On his return, he confided in Alhaji Abubakar Koko his disappointment with the slow progress of work. [3] The metropolitan area of Abuja was estimated in 2016 as six million persons, the country's second most populous metro area. [9] As of 2015[update], the city is experiencing an annual growth of at least 35%, retaining its position as the fastest-growing city on the African continent and one of the fastest-growing in the world.[10]. It is a 20-kilometre (12 mi) drive from the central district and contains the largest single housing estate in Nigeria, the Gwarimpa Housing Estate.

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