I play the keyboards some and strum the guitar. and the revue Whoop Dee Doo! I was exposed to many different genres of music that I would never have heard or played if not for the school bands. Drummer/Percussionists need to know another instrument so we can talk with the really smart musicians!! A vocalist? Of course, we played marches but there were classical pieces and even some contemporary compositions. I did some recording for Davey and Guy Babylon, and not long after that session, Davey asked me to audition for Elton’s band. I’ve read on your personal website that you spend some of your free time writing and recording your own original songs. It can be really fun or it can be very challenging. John was voted #3 Percussionist by Modern Drummer Magazine 2010 Readers Poll. Playing Hyde Park was great as well as Rome in front of the Coliseum — and lately the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, Mexico. As a writer and producer John has composed for Jose Feliciano, Ray Charles, Windows, and produced soundtracks for TV's LA Ink and others. 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He sang and played trumpet. But I love new bands as well– U2, Radiohead. John Mahon. John was kind enough to take some time while on vacation from his heavy tour schedule with the EJ Band to talk with me about his life as a musician, his experience with Elton John and his band, his side projects as a songwriter and session musician, and the hobbies he enjoys when off the road. What do you like most about your current touring job? opened at Judy's Chelsea in March of 2001, which won a 2002 Manhattan Association of Cabarets (MAC) award for the song "Where's Shirley?" Jason A. Spraggins (ASCAP) received a Bachelor of Music Degree from Lambuth University in Jackson, TN and a Master of Arts in Education from Bethel University in McKenzie, TN. Currently, he is the West TN Educational Representative for Amro Music Stores, Inc. based in Memphis. Elton John continues to tour the world year-round and can be seen regularly in Las Vegas, Nevada performing the Million Dollar Piano Show at Caesars Palace. If so what? I would not call it freedom because every note you play will be scrutinized and criticized so you better be ready to play anything and understand how to take direction. I love Madman Across the Water, Captain Fantastic, and the Made In England album. I think all these influences have put me in the musical blender!! Which is the most challenging? Not many musicians, or people for that matter, get to experience what I have. John was voted #3 Percussionist by Modern Drummer Magazine 2010 Readers Poll. I’m producing and playing some music with a friend in Ohio, David Marchione who is extremely talented. Do you play any instruments aside from drums? Going to Europe is cool because there are some real masters there. Sometimes I will just come up with a musical motif or loop that I like writing around. On the last couple of albums he has released, Elton John has used his stage band on the recordings. Speaking of Nigel Olsson, he has achieved legendary status as a vocalist and drummer among many musicians and fans. These programs teach a musician to play with an ensemble, take constructive criticism, and be motivated by your fellow band members. I just played drums and percussion on some smooth jazz tracks for a new artist “Ja Nya Sol”. Songwriters – Steely Dan, Elton John, The Beatles, Led Zep, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea. Also tomorow 7/9/18 I will be... playing in a guitar duo with Alan Byrne in Suesey Street from 7 to 10 . John Mahon (baseball), baseball owner and politician John Mahon (composer) (1749–1839), musician and composer John Mahon (footballer) (1940–2014), Australian rules footballer John Mahon (politician) (1901–1975), British communist political activist John K. Mahon (1912–2003), historian; John Lincoln Mahon (1865–1933), British socialist activist; John Christopher … From there John went through high school marching and orchestral bands, and choir at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisville, Ohio. Mahon, a percussionist and vocalist, has worked with artists such as Brian Adams, Sting, Phil Collins, Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles, Cher, Tina Turner, Bonnie Rait, and many, many more. Small ensemble playing — like duo or trio — is tricky too. in Washington, D.C. to study opera but ended up, , where he got to play for Bill Irwin and Robin Williams, , and the revival of the Gershwin musical. All the songs are vocals and groovy. He has performed over 1,400 shows with the superstar, in over 65 countries. The orchestra is the most challenging because, like I said earlier, one must adapt when playing with a large ensemble. So many!! The conductor might ask me to play something different than my regular part to better fit with the orchestra. That was the start of getting paid to play. Several years ago, your band mate and fellow singing drummer, Nigel Olsson, released a solo project that was quite good. I like to write lyrics first most of the time. Back in the late 70s and 80s, bands were playing everywhere every night. Musician. When and how did you make the transition from amateur to professional musician? where they did three plays and two musicals a year. August 26, 2010 From the fine craftsmanship of percussion and drums to the cutting edge technology of Yamaha electronics like DTX and Motif, I can play with confidence and inspiration." Winner, he is a frequent cabaret and piano bar performer, , which was voted the number one jazz album. My father was the musical side. I might be asked to come up with some ideas and then Elton, or whoever is producing the session, will pick what they like. Percussionist, drummer and vocalist John E. Mahon has been playing with Sir Elton John since 1997. He has recorded numerous albums and video with Elton John, achieving both Gold and Platinum success and played on BB King's Grammy … John was introduced to the jazz scene recording and touring with Windows and then smooth jazz star, Peter White. When there is no pressure it is like painting… adding colors and creating freely – It is very rewarding to me. Most of the time when you hit on something it will just work – that’s the magic part. Suesey Street have great deals on for every friday with there great food including the music . I have noticed several stand out percussion parts that you have added to tracks on these albums, particularly on songs like “And the House Fell Down” (from The Captain and the Kid). Join to Connect. I plan to continue writing lyrics and songs. Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, James Taylor. Finding a consistent meal and cup of coffee are the most challenging thing to me on the road. Report this profile; About. Mahon, a percussionist and vocalist, has worked with artists such as Brian Adams, Sting, Phil Collins, Mary J. (Aside from those from your boss) What are your three favorite albums of all time? He’s an expensive date. The musician talks about his experiences with the EJ Band, his musical side projects , and the hobbies he enjoys when off the road. It was easier to make a living as a musician then. 55 Sound. A concert of the score was presented on April 9, 2017 at the famed Feinstein’s/54Below in NYC.Email: mcmahonpiano@me.comAIM: jmcmpiano, Composer, pianist and musical director John McMahon was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and attended. Two shows he musically directed, "Lovely" and "Rick Crom's What in the World?" Have you learned anything from the experience? Of course I love drums and percussion based music – who doesn’t? He also sings like a bird. Theater credits include the Broadway production of "Prince of Central Park", and the revival of the Gershwin musical "Oh! As an adult, John has not only realized his dream by becoming a professional musician, but he has built a stellar performance resume that is filled with A-List names in the music industry. This led to a tour with pop/folk musician Al Stewart (where John used his first Yamaha drumset, a white Recording Custom kit). I am always composing material– whether it be for myself, TV, or even collaborating with someone else on a project. B. King’s, The Iridium, Birdland, The Metropolitan Room, The Duplex and Feinstein’s 54 BelowHe musical directed the improv group Chicago City Limits, where he got to play for Bill Irwin and Robin Williams as guests and then toured the college circuit with them. Maybe they will change it a little or even suggest something completely different. Kay!". He went to Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. to study opera but ended up … For the last several years, John has accompanied music icon Sir Elton John on his journey down the Yellow Brick of Road of Rock and Roll, serving as a percussionist and background vocalist for the Rocket Man’s legendary stage and studio band.

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