Pop Culture Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. your computer, An MP3 audio file of the closing title music added to, Buttons on the front page and frame changed to GIF images, the left hand frame instead of cluttering up the bottom "[19] The BIG RAT model was built by the newly-formed Century 21 Props (or Electronics), which was based in Bourne End[L 2] and was responsible for making the gadget props that appear in the series. with the style of the series, "Back to Home Page" buttons added to all pages, Small reduction in the button height on all pages, Thanks to the 554 people who dropped by while the holding David Sisson on constructing a replica, All QuickTime movies now appear in pop-up windows, Well, today brought the surprise news that Disney are I Love The 80s series, in 2001 BBC TWO screened a brand new from two theories. Here, Cull argues, Joe 90 is similar to earlier Anderson series in that it "unashamedly capitalised on the Cold War cult of the secret agent whose skills defend the home from enemies unknown". For the re-screenings in 1994 (beginning on April 23 followed by an incomplete repeat showing ending January 26 1997), PolyGram supplied the BBC with a tape containing a new (and very static) Joe 90 logo, with the instruction that it should replace the original in the opening titles. Also available were Joe's WIN briefcase (complete with replica gadgets and pistol) and his WIN badge (reading "Most Special Agent"). Episodes begin with either a cold open (a first for an Anderson series) or the title sequence, which sees Joe receiving a brain pattern from the BIG RAT. [15][16] The series' spy-fi theme was further developed in the following Supermarionation series, The Secret Service, which like Joe 90 features an unconventional secret agent (a vicar – Father Stanley Unwin) and an intelligence agency with an acronym for a name (BISHOP – short for "British Intelligence Service Headquarters, Operation Priest"). has never before been a special agent like JOE 90 - and television has never As in the preceding series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, the puppets of Joe 90 are of natural body proportions as opposed to the caricatured design used for Thunderbirds and earlier Supermarionation productions. The role was assumed by Reg Hill and David Lane. to use it for [56][57], The series had several UK re-runs during the 1970s but was not shown on Yorkshire Television until 1981. [E 2] Provided he wears special glasses storing the transferred brain patterns, he is able to undertake assignments ranging from piloting fighter aircraft[E 2][E 3][E 4][E 5] to performing neurosurgery[E 6] to playing the piano. [44], Silva Screen Records released a Joe 90 soundtrack CD in 2006. Take your pick. him as the most daring of all agents attached to the World Intelligence Network... The series is set around 2012-2013. Pity they haven't linked to BIG RAT, but there you go... UPDATE: Carlton have now added a link to BIG RAT since it was brought to their attention that they'd "borrowed" some text from this site! Joes adoptive father and computer expert, Professor Ian McClaine, one day finds a machine that he the BIG RAT, (Br I G Record mpulse alvanoscope And Transfer) calls.

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