That said, the Ioniq’s battery is still a decent size and features a built-in heater to improve efficiency in cold weather. The front of the new IONIQ Electric has been updated also with a new distinctive pattern on the closed grille. The plug-in version’s electric motor delivers 60.5 PS (44.5 kW) with maximum torque of 170 Nm, powered by a 8.9 kWh lithium-ion-polymer battery. Comparée aux Hyundai Kona et aux Kia e-Soul et e-Niro du même groupe, la Ioniq apparaît particulièrement basse. All rights reserved. Eco DAS is further equipped with a Predictive Energy Management system, which manages charging and discharging of the battery in uphill and downhill situations to maximise the battery usage.

On this blog I try to provide interesting information about battery technologies that otherwise wouldn't be available to the public. if this is only the usable part, what is the total capacity? The same type of reduction will be the case for the Ionic even though it will benefits from good aerodynamic design.

The range difference decreases with higher speeds, since the Hyundai IONIQ is much more aerodynamic.

As of its launch in 2016, IONIQ was the world’s first car planned from the start to offer three electrified powertrains – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric. Copyright Electrifying Ltd 2020. The IONIQ Electric offers anxiety free true zero-emission electric driving with virtually no compromise.

Since then there has been a lot of catching up and it no longer seems quite so advanced, especially since Hyundai itself has moved the game on with a 64kWh pack in the Kona.

Thanks to IONIQ’s renowned dynamics and performance, drivers of the new IONIQ Hybrid and Plug-in versions can enjoy the fun-to-drive aspect of a well-built electrified car with the responsive shifts of a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Hyundai Belux - Korean Motor Company is de officiële invoerder van Hyundai voor België en Luxemburg. Hyundai’s 38.3kWh lithium-ion polymer battery sent rivals scurrying back to their drawing boards when it was originally revealed in the Kona mini-SUV a few years ago.

The IONIQ Plug-in and Electric are available with redesigned 16-inch alloy wheels, while customers of the IONIQ Hybrid can choose between a new 15-inch or 17-inch wheel design.

*Exact Bluelink features offered as standard or optional may vary depending on the market in which IONIQ is acquired by the customer. You state ‘We know that the Hyundai IONIQ electric has a 28 kWh usable battery capacity, ‘. The latest edition of the IONIQ is the next logical step to further update this lineup and make clean mobility available for even more drivers. Hyundai Motor is launching comprehensive connectivity and design enhancements for the new IONIQ, the latest edition of its revolutionary eco-friendly model. As if it were in the middle of commuting, mileage was measured, while driving through downtown and congested areas, including Olympic highway and Gangbyeon highway.”. ce site ne sont pas contraignantes. While it’s true that 50 km/h is a very low speed, it shows us how much efficient the Hyundai IONIQ electric can be. Hyundai Ioniq Electric range, battery & charging.

Better standard equipment.
Thanks to Blue Link, charging can be remotely controlled and scheduled via the app. Safer. La marque élargit ainsi sa gamme Ioniq avec une variante qui combine les avantages d’un moteur hybride avec ceux d’un véhicule totalement électrique. Its e-motor delivers a maximum power of 136 PS and 295 Nm of torque and is fitted standard with a 7.2-kW on-board charger - an upgrade from current 6.6-kW – for Type 2 AC charging.

Nous utilisons des cookies sur notre site internet. Drivers receive a five-year free subscription for this feature, which offers up-to-the-minute information about: weather, traffic, speed camera warning (where legally allowed), on- and off-street parking, live nearby-dealer information as well as identifying nearby charging stations and live POI Search.
With the new IONIQ, Hyundai also introduces eCall, automatically dialing emergency assistance if airbags are deployed or the call button located above the rear-view mirror is pressed. The improved screen can be customised providing two home screen versions and ability to edit displayed widgets and icons. Send us your questions about hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars and we'll do our best to answer, Not familiar with the Source London charging network? Comme chaque Hyundai, Nouvelle IONIQ electric est produite selon les normes de qualité les plus strictes. Up front, the hybrid and plug-in versions of the new IONIQ now show a redesigned mesh-type radiator grille.

Ook prijsstellingen, kortingen of andere acties zijn niet Ginny Says.

However, its quirky shape helps with efficiency, as it's easier for the wind to flow around it, which means it uses less of your precious battery energy. Belux markt. Thank you for visiting the Hyundai website. Hyundai Belux - Korean Motor Company est l’importateur officiel pour Hyundai en Belgique et au Luxembourg. New IONIQ Electric with upgraded 38.3-kWh battery: 36% added energy storage capacity – now 294-km range in total (internal target under WLTP regulations) With over 60,000 IONIQs sold since its launch in 2016, the new IONIQ makes clean, connected mobility available for even more drivers Curiously, both electric cars have batteries made with LG Chem cells. Not only CCS allows faster charging, a direct DC connection to the battery allows the implementation of V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) in the future. In addition to standard black seat trims, customers have the option of four leather seat colours: Black, Gray two-tone, Red Umber (exclusive for hybrid and plug-in) and Electric Shadow (exclusive to electric version). With its fully electric powertrain and high performance design, the IONIQ Electric offers a driving experience as enjoyable as it is efficient. Optionally available as well are Lane Following Assist which keeps the car in the middle of a lane so drivers can navigate safely even in heavy traffic during rush hour, and Intelligent Speed Limit Warning that uses the front camera and information from the navigation system to identify road speed signs and displays the speed limit and no-passing signs in real time. New IONIQ Electric gets important enhancements, New IONIQ Electric: Technical Specifications. À tout moment, il vous est possible de désactiver les cookies en bas de page.

“I kind of like the Hyundai Ioniq.

Its efficiency is unmatched. What's much more important is "real" range which varies with temperature, driving style and conditions, speed and elevation gain or loss. How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle? - Combined fuel economy from 1.1L p/100km, - Travel up to 52km on pure electric (WLTP). What’s better for your electric car battery? The Ioniq Electric’s on-board charger was improved by the facelift, with speed rising from 6.6 to 7.2kW.

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