Although Seven's parents were assimilated, she knows of an aunt in the Alpha Quadrant, Irene Hansen. Katanay, a character resembling Chakotay, but with a different facial tattoo and a Bajoran earring, is supporting a character named Marseilles – resembling Paris himself, but with a mustache. But it was Human. Pardon the pun. During their now regular communications with Earth and Starfleet, the Doctor sends a holonovel too closely based on his adventures on Voyager, causing hurt feelings among his crew. The Doctor is writing a holonovel about himself, Photons Be Free. "Katanay" tells the doctor to treat "Marseilles" first. After several days the arbiter rules that the Doctor is not yet considered a person under current Federation law but is an artist and therefore has the right to control his work. This episode focuses on the character "The Doctor" and on impact of a novel and explores the meaning of AI. Even though he has managed to take the first step in establishing holographic rights, The Doctor doesn't feel like its much of a victory, since the novel has already been seen by thousands. This results in a Federation tribunal to determine The Doctor's rights carried out across the thirteen or so minutes of communication that can be managed each day. Your job will be to assist the chief medical officer, and learn to tolerate his overbearing … "When I tell you your shift begins at 0800 that doesn't mean you can stroll in here at 0800 and 24 seconds. In the holodeck the Doctor edits his holonovel Photons Be Free and, pleased with his work, he saves the file. TOP 10 des citations voyager (de célébrités, de films ou d'internautes) et proverbes voyager classés par auteur, thématique, nationalité et par culture. [3], The Measure of a Man (Star Trek: The Next Generation), "I Like My Coffee Black and My Crew Lost: Six Voyager Episodes Worth Re-Watching",,_Author_(Star_Trek:_Voyager)&oldid=931234057, Television episodes about artificial intelligence, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Heather Young as Female Sickbay Crewmember, This page was last edited on 17 December 2019, at 20:03. ", "It hurts when I do this." Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Everyone thinks Paris is overreacting, so he challenges them to play the holonovel themselves. A sleazy Doctor, as re-imagined by Tom Paris. Kim has more success with Tom Paris, who offers up his spot, which comes within two days. [1] Den of Geek included this in their abbreviated Star Trek: Voyager watching guide, along with several other episodes in season seven. While waiting for the arbitrator's decision. A page for describing Recap: Star Trek: Voyager S7 E18: "Author, Author". Search for "Author, Author" on, Title: [2] In 2011, included this as one of six episodes of Star Trek: Voyager that are worth re-watching. Going back to the holodeck to work on his novel, the Doctor discovers it has been replaced by a parody where he is a boorish slacker who drugs a patient, reminiscent of Seven of Nine, to take advantage of her. The captain finally decides to try something else. However, it is obvious he is no ordinary hologram and while I can't say with certainty that he is a person I am willing to extend the legal definition of artist to include The Doctor. But The Doctor disobeyed my direct orders. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. "Well then, don't do it. The Doctor/Narrator then makes a note, saying this is fiction in an attempt to portray the struggles holograms have to endure in a world controlled by organics. Well worth seeing--and it's a great chance to see just how far the Doctor's ego has gone!By the way, two of the guest stars in this ones are Barry Gordon (the blue publisher) and the arbitrator (Joseph Campanella). Kim urges Seven to make contact, knowing Irene would be thrilled to hear from her niece. Admiral Paris informs Janeway that the singularity only remains in the correct position for eleven minutes a day so he leaves it up to her to allocate com time among the crew. ", "The Doctor exhibits many of the traits we associate with a person. "This is outrageous!" The Doctor completes work on a holonovel that depicts the crew of Voyager in rather unflattering roles as they abuse and scorn the Emergency Medical Hologram. Tom Paris asks the Doctor to let him preview Photons Be Free, set on the fictional USS Vortex a Starfleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant. Author, Author Stardate: 54732.3 Original Airdate: 18 April 2001 [Holodeck] EMH [OC]: In the beginning there is darkness. Jammer's Reviews rated the episode 4 of 4 stars in 2001. Their personalities, however, bear no resemblance to the USS Voyager crew. A new method of communications allows Voyager to contact home for 11 minutes each day with live sound and pictures as opposed to the previous sound and data only. In it, the Doctor is a jerk AND he sports a ridiculous comb-over! As a result, The Doctor has full rights concerning the distribution of his holonovel and orders that all copies of Photons Be Free be recalled immediately, much to Broht's anger. The Doctor does not seem swayed and Paris relents and tells him where to find the backup copy of the original holonovel. What is it?" Torres tells her father she will write, with Seven observing in the background. Was this review helpful to you? Defamation of character is mentioned. Kim apologizes for overreacting and won't accept the gesture, since he feels Seven should use the time to contact her own family. Eventually we will have to decide because the issue of holographic rights isn't going to go away, but at this time, I am not prepared to rule that The Doctor is a person under the law. ", "This Captain Janeway sounds like such a lovely woman. Oddly, to me it's one of the better episodes and it's obvious that there are lots of difference tastes out there. "Hardly commendable behavior." It starts off with the doctor telling the real Doctor that he is late, by a matter of just a few seconds. He gets his publisher to agree and tells the crewmembers. The doctor refuses because another person is in more immediate danger. But what is funnier is Tom Paris' re-write. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, ENSIGN?!" In Chapter 8, Janeway finds herself decompiled despite a plea by "Three of Eight". AUTHOR Voyage 2020 brands AUTHOR has a frame alloy 6061 700c, size: 18", 20", 22". Kim finally gets to talk to his parents for the first time in six-and-a-half years, and while they enjoy a warm conversation, he is put out when his mother decides to write to Captain Janeway, asking why her son hasn't been promoted even though he tries to explain that there are only so many positions available. Overall, this episode is very slight but it's also very funny. "MOM! Everyone is very grateful for the gesture. However he does agree that The Doctor is more than just a hologram and declares that the legal definition of "artist" can be extended to include him. In Chapter 5 Torres has to use a backpack sized mobile emitter and finds "Marseilles" using sickbay as a means to cheat on his "wife" with the "Delaney sisters". "No, it wasn't. Four months later, in a Federation mining colony where hundreds of EMH Mark I's are engaged in mining operations, one is told to report for his recurring maintenance by another EMH, who recommends he ask the operator to run Photons Be Free, telling him it's "quite provocative". ", "Sorry, it's just frustrating to hear that I have no more legal standings than a replicator. The Doctor, a Mark I hologram, does not like the fact that the other holograms are now reduced to menial tasks. One of them suggests to another that it should watch Photons Be Free next time at the diagnostic lab. While strictly speaking The Doctor has no right, Tuvok thinks the prematurely released holonovel could be suppressed by claiming classified information. On Earth, Barclay brings the rough draft of the holonovel, which apparently has already been published, to Admiral Paris' attention. He admits that he is still unsure of if The Doctor is a person or just a sophisticated program. In Chapter 6 Neelix finds "himself" convicted to a reprogramming. The senior crew plays through the novel one by one. "It's called Photons Be Free. ", "Doctor, I need your help." Despite being a hologram, he has ideas about becoming a great author and his ego is stroked when a big publishing house wants his novel. Author, Author Folks are shocked, however, when they see that this novel sure makes it look as if the Doctor is a great, great man and the crew, which is WAY too much like Voyager's, is full of evil jerks who couldn't get along without the Doc. The issue seems to become moot when Admiral Paris from Earth lets Captain Janeway know that Photons Be Free is already being distributed without the Doctor's permission by Ardon Broht, his intended publisher, and people are wondering how fictional it really is. ", 47-Beta; Adventures of Captain Proton, The; Alpha Quadrant; analogy; Antares-class (ore freighter); aortic rupture; arbitrator; artificial lifeform; artist; assimilation; auditory subroutine; backpack; Bajoran; bedside manner; bigotry; Bolian; biradial clamp; Borg; Broht & Forrester; Chakotay's sister; classified information; cloud cover; coffee; concussion; Cooking with Neelix, a Culinary Tour of the Delta Quadrant; cup; Daystrom Prize; defamation; Delta Quadrant; dermal regenerator; diagnostic subroutine; dilithium; dilithium matrix; Dixon Hill series; draft; double-barreled shotgun; Earth; eighth grader; EMH miners; ethical standards; Excelsior-class (starship); expression; extracurricular subroutine; Federation; Federation law; Ferengi garbage scow; Ferengi mating dance; fiction; first-person narrative; flintlock; gender; gesture; gigaquad; Hansen, Erin; Hansen, Magnus; "Happy Birthday to You"; holo-cookbook; holo-lab; holo-novel; hyper spanner; hypochondriac; isolinear chip; Janeway's mother; K'Ratak; Kessik IV; kilo; Kim's students; Klingon aphrodisiac; landowner; life story; logic; McKinley Station; medical standards; microsurgery; Miral; mining; mobile emitter; namesake; North America; novelist; Operation Watson; operator; optronic pathways; organic; palace; Paris, Miral; path; Pathfinder; plasma conduit; Photons Be Free; prejudice; protagonist; quantum singularity; Qo'noS; race; replicator; ripeness; road; San Francisco; second degree plasma burn; sentient species; setting; slavery; small talk; social commentary; solar flare; Starfleet Command; strawberry; strawberry tart; tachyon beam; Talaxian; tee time; Theta-15; Toby the targ; Talaxian; Third triplet; Tolstoy, Leo; tonsillectomy; triage; triaxilation; triplets; Twelfth Guarantee; Type 6 shuttlecraft (unnamed); vascular disorder; Vedek's Song, The; Vortex, USS; Voyager, USS; "Voyager's EMH"; Voyeur, USS; work of art; Zimmerman, Lewis.

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