By Chris Perkins. is developing the hybrid battery system. Die Maschine wird wie in der Formel 1 von einem Energierückgewinnungssystem unterstützt, das beispielsweise beim Bremsen Energie speichert und bei Bedarf wieder abgibt. A car sure to be among the most extreme ever made available for the road needs tyres to suit, and at the Geneva motor show Michelin was confirmed as the official tyre partner for Aston’s hypercar. Weitere Tests unter Realbedingungen sollen folgen. This article originally appeared at, Aston Martin,Aston Martin Valkyrie,CAR video,engine,ENGINE specs,specs,V12,Valkyrie,video. Er soll imstande sein, so viel Donwforce zu erzeugen, wie er selbst wiegt. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Using the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s powertrain as an example, both the V12 engine and gearbox casing act as stressed members of the vehicle structure. Because the car is built around a carbonfibre tub, Newey has had greater scope to create the slippery shape and integrate aero elements such as the vast Venturi tunnels underneath the car that deliver huge downforce, rendering heavy active aero systems and drag-inducing wings obsolete. The new information comes with yet another preview of the car’s engine sound, featuring the Valkyrie’s Cosworth-developed V12 running on a dyno. "Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Cosworth, Rimac and Integral Powertrain Ltd. have been fantastic partners in the development of this powertrain, ensuring that we have already created a hybrid system that is emissions-compliant and ready to begin fitting to our first physical prototypes," Aston Martin Vice President & Special Vehicle Operations Officer, David King said in the announcement of the specs. Evoking the spine-tingling, ultra-high-revving F1TM engines of the 1990s, but benefitting from two decades of progress in design, material and manufacturing expertise, it sets exceptional new standards for maximum rpm and weight. 1 March 2019, Gaydon, England: With the first Aston Martin Valkyrie prototypes beginning to take shape, now is the time to reveal the full performance figures delivered by Aston Martin Valkyrie’s hybrid powertrain. Gewicht wurde durch Entfernen des Infotainmentsystems und der Klimaanlage eingespart, während die Scheiben von einen speziellen Polycarbon-Ersatz ersetzt werden. Nor is it related to the One-77 or Vulcan engines. Als Gesamtleistung gibt Aston Martin 1176 PS an. Neben dem exotischen Design des Aston Martin Valkyrie (2020) wirkt das Triebwerk nicht minder interessant: Zum Einsatz kommt ein von Cosworth entwickelter V12-Sauger mit 6,5 Litern Hubraum, der mit einem Elektroantrieb von Rimac und einem Antriebsstrang von Integral gepaart wird. Michelin announced as Valkyrie tyre partner, The huge power output will come from a high-revving, normally aspirated V12 with KERS, that’s completely bespoke and shares nothing with the current Aston Martin V12 we know from the likes of the, Lotus Evija hypercar shown undergoing tests in new film, Vanquishing point – the first and last Aston Martin Vanquish models go head-to-head, Aston Martin Vantage V600 review – $1.5m Aston on the limit, Engine oil: how to choose the best for your car, New Porsche Macan S review – Alfa Stelvio and Mercedes GLC rival updated. With a staggering 11,100rpm redline and power output of 1000bhp, the engine will be the most powerful naturally aspirated road car unit ever produced. The British outfit has been tasked with building the engine and admitted that the Valkyrie will feature the most powerful naturally aspirated road car engine yet, with 1000bhp., Aston Martin Valkyrie – official engine specs announced, But the Valkyrie is far from nostalgic – it’s been conceived by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing and will borrow cutting-edge F1 tech; the engine, despite already being phenomenally powerful, will by augmented by a KERS-like electric boost. Having great technical partners such as those working with us is both reassuring and motivating. Als Gesamtleistung gibt Aston Martin 1176 PS an. But the Valkyrie is far from nostalgic – it’s been conceived by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing and will borrow cutting-edge F1 tech; the engine, despite already being phenomenally powerful, will by augmented by a KERS-like electric boost. Hierzu wurde nicht nur der Motor, sondern auch das komplette Äußere der Valkyrie überarbeitet. One of the many deliverables with the Valkyrie is a 1bhp per kg power-to-weight ratio, meaning that we expect a weight of around 1130kg if Aston Martin and Red Bull hit their target. Development of the Aston Martin Valkyrie continues under the guidance of Aston Martin Lagonda, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing. 150 Exemplare des Ausnahme-Sportlers sollen ab der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2020 die Straßen und weitere 25 Stück als Valkyrie AMR Pro die Rennstrecken unsicher machen. Ricardo is engineering a bespoke seven-speed paddleshift gearbox, while. As a result, the full hybrid system contributes an additional 160bhp of power and a further 280Nm of available torque with the certified max power output of Aston Martin Valkyrie standing at a stunning 1,160bhp @ 10,500rpm.

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