Watch Trailer. There’s probably a ton of first love story in high school out there, many with sad endings, but I can assure you this one has a happy ending. I just relied my understanding on the action scenes. A few years ago, Deok Gu’s father had passed away in a traffic accident, and soon his mother ran away with father’s death benefit. The drama receives mixed reviews on MyDramaList but still an okay score of 7.9, and generally bad reviews in China with a score of 4.5 on Douban (lowest in this list). They are all fantasy for newcomers tbh, it’s only when you are more well versed in Web novels or dramas, you might care about the difference XD. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Heck, all these genres are confusing. He looks a hella better here than in Yanxi, personally. (Source: KoBiz) Edit Translation. I have chosen the King’s Avatar for reasons that I will explain later. The Longest Day in Chang’An (Historical), The Most Popular New Chinese Drama of 2019, 6. Viki subscription is a lot cheaper than Netflix, at $4/month, high praise both in China and internationally, The Longest Day in Chang’An (my review here). Put Your Head on My Shoulder should take up that spot. Unable to believe her life choices, Wei Wei tries to find out what, caused her to break up with Yi Du while Qi Cheng tries to win back his fiancée’s heart. Even though he tries everything to win her heart, he fails in crossing the line. It’s slightly clearer with Chinese characters, xian is sage/gods, xia is chivalry fighter I guess? Through many misunderstandings and personal circumstances, they eventually understand and accept each other’s feeling. Which man is Wei Wei’s one true love? He finds out he only has a short time left to live and decides to prepare for their future and to leave them something special. However, I’ve watched too much Chinese historical dramas that I can’t bring myself to think of them as fantasy. Hi Michael, A Little Reunion was not included because … I didn’t know about it. All the more confusing because both Princess Agent and Fuyao are time-slipping stories in the novel (I think time-slipping is a genre on its own in the novel classification) whereas in the dramas, they have to get rid of time-slipping due to regulations and “beef it up” with more wuxia-ish scenes. The drama receives a very high score of 7.9 on Douban, the highest I’ve seen for this type of drama, and 8.7 on MyDramaList. Royal Nirvana: Why did the way Ding Quan made tea look like Japan’s matcha? The Legend of Fei). Jiu Bing has been stuck in the friend zone with Bo He since he was twelve. If it followed the original plot more, and only fillered like Ashes of Love, it would have a higher score. the idealistic rookie director and the pragmatic rating-oriented producer settle their differences to turn the lowest-rating channel into the most profitable network or will it be their career burial ground. Both Minglan and The Legends aired on the same channel, but they were on different times, Minglan was 8 to 10 (usually), The Legends was 10 onwards. Similarly to Yan Xun of Princess Agent, Guichen has to go to a Western country as a hostage. But Deok Gu is too young to look after his sister and even himself. Instead of reading my boring and spoiler description, check out the trailer. There’s different standards for the ratings to see if a drama is doing well. One of the best dramas set in the Tang dynasty, the story revolves around an investigation of an upcoming terrorist attack which threatens the lives of all Chang’An residents. N/A. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have superbly portrayed their roles in this drama, including the other casts. For the modern genre, I have selected All is well as the best Chinese Drama this year. I’ve been a fan of Chinese dramas and movies since childhood specially wuxia and historical genre, though I never fully understand since English subs weren’t yet available that time. International viewers have been comparing the dramas with the Legend of Fuyao and the Flame’s Daughter. Coming soon on Viki AND Available on Youtube, I was wrong when I thought Go Go Squid! Other name: very nice post, i actually love this website, keep on it, whenever i get borred at home i just turn on my TV and start watching dramas. On MDL, the drama only got like 50 votes, which means not many people watch it. As many CDrama fans comment, the Longest Day in Chang’An can potentially become a milestone for Chinese historical dramas. Your email address will not be published. Curiosity killed the cat- binge watching turned to addiction, not only of the drama but with the 2 main leads as well, specially XIAO ZHAN. If you’re wondering if this series is really worth watching as the review has been rather mixed, check out my comparison review of Novoland: Eagle Flag vs Tribes & Empire. For the historical genre, The Untamed is inarguably the most popular new Chinese Drama. But yes, it’s super confusing! Yeah, I’m tempted to write “fantasy” sometimes because the classification is crazy these days. Jiu Bing has been stuck in the friend zone with Bo He since he was twelve. If you want just want a bubbly cute drama with lots of romance, Go Go Squid! (wuxia is chivalry fighter that use martial arts) xiuxian is training to become sage/god abd so just cultivating. In fact, it is based on the novel written by Zhao Qianqian, the same author as A Love So Beautiful, with a similar light and refreshing tone. Love and Destiny is the new Chinese drama from the same production team as Eternal Love – Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I always thought xianxia was about human cultivation and leaning towards wuxia (the Untamed, The Journey of Flowers, etc) and xuanhuan was about gods & magic. Which man is Wei Wei’s one true love? There have been no recommendations submitted. There have been no recommendations submitted. The Legends is popular largely because its IP is fairly popular and the author were one of the scriptwriters, so it started off well. However, Liu Haoran has been appearing in very successful and/or big-budgeted dramas like Nirvana Fire Season 2, Novoland Eagle Flag. All is Well is highly praised for its realistic and artistic portrayals of the problems that modern families face. I tried to be as objective as possible in my selection. Add to List. The drama has earned high praise both in China and internationally with a rating of 8.6/10 on Douban and 8.9 on mydramalist. If you like Li Xian, he has a new drama called Sword Dynasty. (Source: KoBiz). Despite having a new cast, the drama was a commercial success in China. To be fair, Jin Yong and Gu Long’s style are pretty different, and Jin Yong does get into politics in Legend of Condor Heroes, it’s more the style of stories they want tell. Be sure to leave your comment down below! This is the must-watch CDramas this year for those who like good-looking cast and an easy-to-follow-through story. To what extent would you be willing to do for the girl you love? The draw of Wang Kai may have enticed me to watch this drama and it did have enough content to keep me glued. It receives a modest rating on both Douban (5.6) and MyDramaList (7.9). The drama receives a favourable rating of 8.0 on douban and 9.3 on mydramalist. They embark on adventures to solve a series of murder. He then worked as a nightshift manager for an Internet cafe, while honing skills and gathering new team members for a comeback. This decision leads to many complicated political consequences, especially the fight for power between the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister. This section contains dramas that are fairly well-known although they contain some flaws and/or receive mixed receptions. Ranked #8678. Stay With Me is a rom-com slash light-hearted romantic melo about too many second chances, obsessive love and a fairly weak case of revenge by proxy. It is the drama adaption of a famous light novel and donghua (Chinese animation). The best Chinese dramas are chosen based on (1) online reviews (& my personal opinion) (2) ratings on various sites, and (3) the awards that the dramas were nominated/won. Even though it features 2 new lead actors, the drama performed better than the Legend of Hao Lan which stars the trending couple from the Story of Yanxi Palace. I really enjoyed it for the way it realistically shows the characters going through struggles with friendship, relationships, family, and leadership. For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. dreaming about to livin new apartment in qatar?? I almost wanted to drop it at 30+ episodes when our lovely OTP keeps going back and forth breaking up and making up - one too many times. Through many mishaps and accidents, they somehow end up living together. The drama receives a super high rating of 8.8 on MyDramaList and 6.7 on Douban (which I suspect because of the deleted scenes due to censorship. For modern dramas, it’s a bit more difficult to decide which is the most popular. I do think it’s worth watching if you like action and are willing to overlook flaws here and there with the main characters. A story of an earthquake survivor whose life's goal is to direct a sincere television program that touch viewers' hearts. Check out Chinese drama 2019 Gank Your Heart. Stand By Me (Chinese Drama); 守望的天空; Watch Sky; Pu Tou is a tough girl who grew up depending on no one. (ZLY will star in a new drama with Wang Yi Bo released in 2020! However, I expect it to become huge very soon. Watch full episode of Stand By Me 2016 Chinese drama | Dramacool Edit Translation. Drama With a Side of Kimchi’s review here. It’s not as polished as other costume dramas but the storyline is indeed a hooker even for the newbies in drama watching. She falls in love at first sight with a legendary cybersecurity professional Han Shangyan (Li Xian). The story revolves around 2 cultivators who are also very good friends, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. So at this stage, we’re not sure if there would be a Season 2 or not. The story revolves around a young wanderer with an extraordinary business sense and the masked hero who saves her which ultimately results in them falling in love. They meet new friends there. They all draw from the same myths (the gods are similar etc). However, Love and Destiny seems to be an exception with favourable reception on rating sites (8.2 on Douban, 8.7 on MyDramaList). Goodbye My Princess is an adaptation from the very famous novel the Eastern Palace. So, grandfather prepares a present for his grandchildren that might be the last. As for Fuyao, if anything, it’s probably Xuanhuan, mostly just because its magic isn’t cultivation related, and xuanhuan can also have wuxia-esque scenes. The drama has earned high praise both in China and internationally with a rating of 8.6/10 on Douban and 8.9 on mydramalist. But a near-drowning makes her lose the memory of the past seven years of her life. Available online at Amazon Prime and Viki. I don’t think so I like journey of flower, Would you like to live in qatar new neighbourhood?? A story of an earthquake survivor whose life's goal is to direct a sincere television program that touch viewers' hearts. The drama is based on a famous BL xianxia novel. I only planned to binge watch the episodes out of curiosity, why this drama is all over the internet? If you’re a fan of Zhao Li Ying, Ming Lan is a must-watch as you won’t see her in new dramas for a while (she takes time off to have a baby). If you like these 2 dramas, don’t let the low rating in China deter you. The drama revolves around the tragic love story between the 9th Princess of Western Liang, Xiao Feng, and the Crown Prince of the Central Plain. 一起同过窗 ; Yi Qi Tong Guo Chuang. For each drama, I’ve also included the link where you can watch it online legally. The drama got me hooked, and I guess I’m “cursed”(LOL) coz I don’t know how to move on.

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