You can shoot behind corners, although you won't be that accurate. It is the third title in the Getaway series, following The Getaway: Black Monday. Basically, there are a few main kinds of car damage. The only exception is Mark Hammond, because until late in the game, he works for the Bethnal Green Gang; hence they'll leave him alone when he's on the road. To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: We use cookies for advertising, content recommendations, and traffic measurement. Modern browsers will remove support for Flash in December of 2020. Start: Pressing the Start button brings up the in-game menu, where the game is not only paused, but you can also scroll your mission objectives, get to your options screen, et cetera. Square Button: Pressing the Square Button will engage your car's conventional foot brake, which will bring the car to a halt. The Getaway (pinball machine), a 1992 pinball machine made by Williams; The Getaway, the first game in the video game series The Getaway; The Getaway: Black Monday, the second game in the video game series The Getaway You can see the final section in the "Basics" area of this Guide for more information on it. Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate. However, the … Hi there! If you smash head on into a car a few times, you'll start to observe a whitish-gray smoke coming out of your car. And even the billowing smoke has the capability of hurting or killing your character. Boosting a Car: Stealing cars is a fundamental exercise in The Getaway. Find cover. You can kill who you want, run over anyone (including cops), steal any car you want (including a fellow cop's car), and drive as crazily and recklessly as you want. games. They might flash when there's no roads to go down for a while - don't worry, you still need to take the first road that the blinker is pointing to. Circle Button: The Circle Button's function is simple. Upgrade Your Weapons: Pistols are fine and dandy, but if enemies you are fighting are using machine guns and shotguns, then the battle remains a little un-even, wouldn't you say? Welcome to the The Getaway wiki guide. Hold down R1 and then fire your weapon to hit the targeted enemy. Do keep in mind that pistols are the most accurate weapons, but they don't pack the most punch! 3.Know Your Car's Damage: The beauty of The Getaway in comparison to "similar" games is its realistic take on car damage. You'll play Mark Hammond (an ex-bank robber on the run for murdering his wife and kidnapping his child) and Frank Carter (a vigilante cop who was suspended from the Flying Squad) in multiple storylines set in London. In this case, you should always have your weapons drawn unless the walkthrough says otherwise, as there are missions in the game where if someone sees you have a gun, you'll be in big trouble. It's up to you to get them to their destination safely, but the police won't make it easy for you! The more frontal damage you take, the darker the smoke gets. Favourited. This means that you'll end up in the same place eventually, so the blinker doesn't turn on. you experience the same events from both the perspective of an ex-criminal Now go take care of Charlie Jolson and bring back peace to London. Window Damage: Window damage is common, especially in high-speed collisions and in gun-fights. The beauty of the game is in its style. Directional Pad (D-Pad): The D-Pad has no function in The Getaway. R2 Button: The R2 Button has two functions when you're playing as Mark Hammond and DC Carter. Take your time. The acceleration of your car depends on the brand and type of the car, and also the condition your car is in. That's usually all you'll have time for before the next enemy is on top of you and your location. Your tires can be damaged in one of two ways - either they are shot out, or you go over a police spike-strip. Through finding ample cover, you can make your character, whether it be Hammond or Carter, lean against a wall and rest, healing their wounds. Your car will hardly move in this state, so your best option is to bail. Right Analog Stick: The Right Analog stick is a complex way to drive your car. If you don't like your target, let go of R1 and quickly press it again to get a new one. You know what I mean, so I won't get in-depth with it, but... just get used to it as soon as possible. This content requires the Flash Player plugin to work. If you're walking or running, pressing the X Button simultaneously will allow your character to do a tuck and roll. R1 Button: The R1 Button's function in a vehicle is to bring up the Emergency Brake, or the hand brake (whichever you prefer). Being prepared is the biggest key to surviving a fight in this game. Exactly. Side Damage: Side damage isn't too damaging, but it can still be bad as far as steering your car goes. In any case, if you need to right, your right blinker will flash. Eventually, if all four tires take damage (which is common after going over spike-strips), or tires will fall off and you'll be driving on bare rims. Basically, when your car starts to emit dark black smoke, it's time to stop that car and get out before it (literally) goes up in flames. The plot is currently unknown, but the game is once again set in London and takes place after Black Monday. On the other hand, another good rule of thumb is the bigger a car (or other vehicle) is, the more damage it can take. This wiki was automatically converted from the The Getaway Guide (PS2) guide at and may require cleanup. You can only use the Square Button when your weapons are drawn, however, and you have either the R1 Button or R2 Buttons held down. Now, to heal yourself, all you have to do is take your character and get him to a surface that's as tall as him or taller. 3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Rear Damage: Rear damage isn't too threatening, but it does completely suck for one reason. Healing in battle is risky, but it goes hand-in-hand with finding cover, which I mentioned earlier. Circle Button: When your car is at a complete stop, pressing the Circle Button will allow you (and your passenger, if any) to get out of the car. if you're into the movie, you'll be into the game. The Getaway follows the story of two men from opposite sides of the law, who share an obsession of bringing down London's crime supremo. Shoot a few times, then find some cover, whether it be some crates, boxes, a building or a car; whatever. 1. can't be found anywhere else in video-gaming today. Two things to keep in mind in reference to self-healing: 1. The harder you press up on the Right Analog Stick, the faster your car will go, while pressing back will make your car slow down, eventually to a stop. They both seemingly take the same amount of damage, run at the same speed, and have the same strength. for DC Carter), information on weapons and vehicles, some basics to get you Know When to Bail: Your car takes damage (see number 3). Right Analog Stick: The Right Analog Stick has no function in The Getaway. Video Extras from This Episode. The faster your car is going, the slower your car will come to a complete stop, just like in real life. jeitomas-flaco. Self-healing is to make you better, not to fully recover you. R2 Button: The R2 Button has no function in The Getaway. Some missions call for one type, while others call for the other type. There's really no way to fully recover once damaged, except dying in a mission and starting over, or getting to another mission. If you take rear damage, one or both of your blinkers and brake lights will be taken out, and without two working blinkers, you can navigate the streets of London very well (see number 4). Left Analog Stick: Move around the Left Analog Stick to move your character in any direction you press. If you take side damage right in the middle panel of the car, there's nothing to worry about. Well, if you sneak up behind an enemy, you have a few options. The Getaway is a game often compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. L2 Button: The L2 Button has no function in The Getaway. You can, first and foremost, pistol whip (or machine gun whip, whatever) them in the back of the head to send them to the ground. Even the scores when you can. If you heal in battle, find cover and do it in intervals. L1 Button: The L1 Button has no function in The Getaway. 1. 2. It's good to know what to do and what to expect in a gun-fight. Cars are abundant in London, ditching one won't hurt too much. Woohah. With a weapon drawn, you can put a bullet in their head once you press X and have them in a hold. The Getaway Game Full Episode. Everything from gun-shots to … Play as both ex-riminal Healing in battle doesn't exempt you from being shot at/shot. This guide for The Getaway covers everything about the game, from a walkthrough You can also duck down behind boxes, crates, and other obstructions by pressing X. No one will say otherwise. videos. Add this game to your profile’s TOP 3 loved list. You will always have your pistol or pistols, but why not have a machinegun or shotgun as well? Find the Time to Heal: Healing is a cool little option in the game. 1. Select: The Select button has no function in The Getaway. Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. going, and other information that'll get you successfully through the game. 4. With no weapons drawn, walk up behind an enemy, press the X Button to grab them, then press the Square Button to snap their necks (as Hammond) or handcuff them (as Carter). London crime-lord Charlie Jolson. Simple. Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. If your character needs to be healed, and he's facing the wall, he'll lean against the wall, start breathing heavy, and slowly recover. If you get to a junction where no blinkers are on, but you have to turn, then turn either way.

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