Vanessa and Dabnis arrive, providing mixed signals to everyone about their current relationship. Vanessa's new boyfriend, Jeremy, wants to see more of her, so she sneaks out to meet him, lying to Cliff and Clair in the process. Big mistake! The cast now danced in the sequence to a hip-hop blend that featured. Willie Colón and Mario Bauzá, legendary Salsa and Latin music performers, play themselves to perform a concert on a local radio station. Cliff, Clair and Russell Huxtable visit their alma mater, Hillman College, with the whole family. Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown, Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle, Favorite Actor That Has Not Won an Acting Emmy. Meanwhile, Olivia persuades Cliff to get a "beauty makeover" in her new hair salon. Nelson: Gary Gray. S8:E27. The remaining fifteen episodes closed with a funk/jazz version of the theme. Cliff and Clair's advice strengthens Pam's resolve to take things at her own speed. Theo wants the freedom to date other women until his girlfriend, Justine, shows up at the college hangout with another guy. Cliff: Bill Cosby. Sportscasters Jim Valvano and Dick Vitale play moving men. ', Trick-or-treating may be canceled, but these movies will keep you happy, Here's everything we know about the Netflix drama series, including when it will return, Mondays and Tuesdays in 2021 just got more exciting. While the men consider the striptease "traditional," the women call it "archaic, demeaning and stupid." Everyone gathers in the hospital waiting room to hear the surprise news – Sondra has delivered twins! But his attempt to hustle the salesman fails when a window shopper recognizes the disguised Cliff as Dr. Huxtable. Cliff convinces his father, Russell, a former professional musician, to come out of retirement and play with his old band, The Jazz Caravan, in an old-fashioned jam session. Clair's announcement that she is beginning. They hold a family forum to make sure their children know the lines of communication are always open. Eugene: Eugene Byrd. Meanwhile, Rudy (a.k.a. But Cliff and his mother, Anna, use reverse psychology to convince him to blow the trombone with his pals once again. To warm up for his night out with Clair and their friends, Cliff shows off a few of his dance moves in the living room. Theo is graduating from college and Cliff "can't contain himself"---or the guest list. Elliott, a weakling who is attached to Shana but smitten with Vanessa, then shows up to ask Dr. Denise for her advice on how to handle the situation. Pam (Erika Alexander) begins work as Cliff's office assistant, while Kenny (Deon Richmond) works out a new way to win Rudy's affection.

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