Premier League-BT … SELECT WEEKOFYEAR('2020-02-20'); 11:00. Sunday comes after Saturday and before Monday in our modern-day Gregorian Calendar. ET and again at 11:30 a.m. October’s Full Moon is the Hunter’s Moon. The English word Sunday is derived from Old English. Pelosi outlines 48-hour deadline to pass relief bill before election, Republican National Committee chair defends party unity as divisions grow, Trump adviser defends campaign virus precautions as president remains hospitalized, Biden campaign open to moving forward with debates, 'We can't stop the outcome': Top Democrat on Supreme Court nomination, Senate Republican says Supreme Court confirmation shouldn't be about Roe future, Pelosi won't rule out launching new impeachment inquiry to block Trump SCOTUS nominee, 'This Week' Transcript 10-11-20: Rep. Cedric Richmond and Eric Trump, 'This Week' Transcript 10-4-20: Jason Miller, Kate Bedingfield, Trump dismisses COVID-19, calls US top health experts ‘idiots’, Race for president becomes sprint to the finish, Oregon governor says Trump 'is stoking the fires of hatred and division', Everything you need to know about John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff, President Trump: Construction of border wall will begin in months, Scott Pruitt: Everything you need to know, Rex Tillerson: Everything you need to know, Behind the real-life events that inspired 'The Long Road Home', One-on-one with British Prime Minister Theresa May, As the waters recede, Harvey recovery effort begins in Texas, Book excerpt: Mark Updegrove's 'The Last Republicans', Book excerpt: Charlie Sykes' 'How the Right Lost its Mind', Book excerpt: Van Jones' 'Beyond the Messy Truth'. This week on "Sunday Morning" (August 30) CBSNews 8/27/2020. %V - Week number of year according to ISO-8601 (01..53) Premier Sports 1. Correspondent Jim Axelrod tees up a look at our presidents' fascination with golf, and why their love of the game is par for the course. Sunday is a working day in most Muslim countries and in Israel. This was a blessing in disguise." Weekly Sales Circulars & Sunday Newspaper Ads Stop buying the newspaper just for the Sunday ads. However, Sunday is considered the first day of the week in many countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan. Full Moons had given names in many ancient cultures. COVER STORY: Fighting for the right to repair your own stuff | Watch VideoBig electronics makers have made it difficult for consumers to fix their devices – from smartphones to computers – when they break down, or simply need a new battery. However, many countries, including the US, Canada, and Japan, count Sunday as the first day of the week. The Utah senator appeared on ABC's "This Week" Sunday. In many cultures and languages, Monday is given a name that means “second day” which makes Sunday to be the first day. Here is everything to know about the matchup and how to watch. Stream CBSN live or on demand for FREE on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. | Watch Video"60 Minutes" correspondent John Dickerson says the standard for judging presidential decision-making may be shifting, depending upon which president you've asked. 2020 has 53 weeks. ET. The 7-day week is the international standard that is used by the majority of the world. Many federal government buildings are closed on Sundays in the United States. Sales circulars and sunday newspaper ads for grocery stores, BestBuy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Acme, Staples and more. Trump, COVID in Europe, Hurricane Delta (Video), Fighting for the right to repair your own stuff, Right to Repair: Take Action (U.S. Public Interest Research Group), Erica Armstrong Dunbar, Rutgers University, Secretary Lonnie Bunch III, Smithsonian Institution, Andrew Cuomo & daughters on life during the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo on the pandemic: "The game isn't over; this is halftime" (Video), "American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic", Presidential golf: A bipartisan tradition, Rand Jerris, United States Golf Association, Michael Bamberger, senior writer, Golf Magazine, Paul Mecurio on Trump's coronavirus "blessing in disguise", Jon Bon Jovi on "2020" - the year, the music, "The Decade That Rocked: The Photography of Mark Weiss", Q and the ABCs of spreading conspiracy theories, Whitney Phillips, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University, "You Are Here: A Field Guide for Navigating Polarized Speech, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Polluted Media Landscape", Black Hills of South Dakota (Extended Video). Correspondent, Stanford University's Hoover Institution Fellow, Romney-Ryan 2012 Campaign Policy Director. President Dwight D. Eisenhower enjoys a round of golf, February 11, 1953. Correspondent David Pogue reports on the Right to Repair movement, a coalition of consumer advocates, digital rights activists and environmental groups that is fighting for laws that will help combat our throwaway culture. Correspondent Lee Cowan reports. Like “This Week” on Facebook here. In many cultures and languages, Monday is given a name that means “second day” which makes Sunday to be the first day. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Michigan bans guns at polling places on Election Day. WW: Week of year (1-53) where week 1 starts on the first day of the year and continues to the seventh day of the year (Mostly NOT used), Replace with Time.local(year,month,day) for other dates. It's also called Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon. Sunday is a common day off in most western countries and is part of the weekend. Pelosi does not rule out impeachment to block Trump nominee to Supreme Court. MLS-Sky Sports Football. You can stream Bon Jovi's album "2020" by clicking on the embed below (Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in full): SOCIETY: Q and the ABCs of spreading conspiracy theories | Watch VideoFollowers of the online conspiracy theorist "QAnon" have propagated outlandish disinformation about secret plots by a "deep state" cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic child-traffickers out to "get" President Trump. Find out when "Sunday Morning" airs in your city. More details in the Linux Programmer's Manual. Sen. Kamala Harris, Vice President Mike Pence are set to face off on Wednesday. The English word Sunday is derived from Old English. Replace time with other epoch/UNIX timestamps for other week numbers. It is considered a day of rest in many cultures and religions. There are 52 or 53 weeks in a year, but countries vary on how they count the weeks. Some club and Premier League football matches, as well as rugby matches and tournaments usually take place on Sundays in the United Kingdom. Emmy-winning writer and comedian Paul Mecurio, who also suffered symptoms from COVID, begs to differ. Privacy & Terms. 2019 - This week's Sunday night NFL game features Russell Wilson chasing his first MVP against Dalvin Cook and the Vikings. Extend the Date class using the above code. "This Week" features newsmaker interviews, political news analysis and roundtable panel debates on a wide range of political issues and commentary. Week number according to the ISO-8601 standard, weeks starting on Monday. Today: Tomorrow: The Day after tomorrow: Three days from today: Four days from today: Five days from today: Six days from today: One week from today: Remember to use capital 'W' not 'w'. Many federal government buildings are closed on Sundays in the United States. Many professional sports events are scheduled to play on Sunday such as American football and major League Baseball in the United States. Durbin said the former Democratic nominee was "flat out wrong.". "SUNDAY MORNING" MATINEE: "Left Alone" (VIDEO)In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day last month, American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside and The Trevor Project (a leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ people under 25) launched a casting call for a music video, "Left Alone," featuring a song Whiteside wrote of his own coming out story and the challenges he faced as a young, gay male dancer.

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