It was track for track, and he just kept stacking it—and it turned out to be the shit. So I’m in the studio every year, schooling somebody else on what this funk is and what the music is. Another thing you mentioned was your connection with E-40. Bust, bust niggaz, consequences when you're doin the do Fuck around and get caught up in a catch twenty-two. These hoes nowadays is dogs The Weedman Ft. Stresmatic: 17. Usually, those kind of songs come about by me collaborating with another artist or producer who I let control the session. We be slummin'em we be trapin'em B.A. Choose the orientation that fits best in your journal. Show Me What You Workin' Wit testo canzone cantato da E-40: [feat. All of us is fools So I kept doing songs with Lil Jon for that reason. Right now, if you hand me a flyer, it might barely touch my skin before it hits the ground. A fixture how to mix Download: E-40 ft. Too Short – Show Me What You Workin With. You somebody This is the real deal, buddy.” It’s been like that ever since, and I take the business part of the music business very serious. Under code modifications I see: Speed Density Enhanced Speed Density 2 bar Speed Density 3 bar 1 Bar MAF The bottom says" 1 - Speed Density - Enhanced What do you love about it? Do anything for the cash This is just a preview! He must have stacked that motherfucker about 50 times! In the slow lane and the fast What I mean by that is, I know how to make albums and songs, but with The History Channel, I’m anticipating it. Too Short: When I work with Lil Jon, as soon as I come in the studio, he already knows what we’re gonna do. Ethiopians, Afghanis and Eritreans I haven’t been this excited about making music in a while. Money hungry and sany New leak off E-40’s upcoming double trouble album, Revenue Retrievin’. It got to the point where you’d feel like a politician taking pictures with the kids and the grandma. We bring you the latest rap songs daily. Each episode we offer you a few prompts to think about how that day's conversation applies to you. As with an artist in any genre with a career this long, the real danger is becoming a caricature—some walking parody to be wheeled out for novelty purposes like the current version of The Rolling Stones. But with the quality of the videos now and the cost—being so much cheaper than it was 10 years ago—I just decided, “Why not just shoot a bunch of videos?” I’ve been noticing a lot of other artists doing it, and they’re shooting videos to mixtapes and songs that don’t even get released. Even As A Raiders Fan, Too $hort Has The Perfect Opinion Of Colin Kaepernick's Protests, Lecrae On Ferguson Riots: "We've Forgotten The Government Works For Us", Meet The Young L.A. Producer Whose Beats Brought Out The Old Kanye, Slimkid3 Explains How Brian Austin Green & Korn Aided The Pharcyde’s Rift, Could Bay Area Slaps & UK Rap Hybrids Be The Future? Gotta raise the white flag I kind of fell back on that part of it, but I still got the ear. A lot of artists don’t sit there for the mixing and mastering sessions, but I’m there from the beginning to the end. How has that changed with social media? Em Dub. Dropped off erased it In the area! prodbycptb), Kamaiyah & Capolow – Digits (Music Video), Rexx Life Raj – Tesla In A Pandemic (Music Video), EBK Young Joc – Do That One Dance (Exclusive Music Video), DreamLLife Varski ft. Every time someone uses his trademark, drawn-out “bitch,” on a sitcom or sketch-comedy show, they should probably be cutting him a royalty check. There’s so many things going on in my car—satellite radio, the iPod is in there and the phone is ringing. Soil savy and grainy I got the beat for “Shake That Monkey,” and I wrote a rap and recorded it…you know, the whole process. You know my homie with the two-toned legs (what about him) Paid Meeche – Cheat Codes (Exclusive Music Video), K-Loc of Gorilla Pits x Bach Thought – On My Own (Prod. Not no California Bears They licked the sweaty balls Basically, the reality set in when we pressed ‘em up, and pressed ‘em up and they kept selling out. Ain't none of my niggers kept us Show Me What You Workin' Wit ft. Too Short by E-40: Listen to songs by E-40 on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Mental Health Advocate. ThankYouFizzle and Al B. Smoov), Young Playas x Cory Ellis x DatDamn Perkins x LA Tha Most x Bundle x Zam x Black Stackz – Get It Baby (Prod. It was a new experience. Listen to the new song E-40 ft Too Short - Show Me What You Working Wit . Don't be no couch potato hustler Me and my Philippinos and Hispanics ​. Pastor, recent Seminary grad, public speaker, blogger, and sometimes lawyer. Prior to that, I was dealing with a label called 75 Girls, and you’d see the boxes of cassettes and pressed up vinyl. The K9 Sheppards You’re not gonna believe how we’re getting down on this one. So I joined in on the whole sensation of YouTube and Twitter. And it doesn’t matter if it’s being consumed through computer speakers, car subwoofers or whatever the next technological innovation may be. Too Short: It really hit me that I was getting into a serious business in about 1987 when I started Dangerous Music. Goon up and get tooned up Stilettos & Jeans Ft. Bobby V: 14. DaddieRon Beatz), Ralfy The Plug x Pimp Tobi – Ballers vs. Bums (Prod. And you would even see them [physically] take them places. HipHopDX: You’ve already released six videos from this project…pretty much one every week. He thuggin They gotta pay our mackin ass Have you ever been a theme park employee or thought about what it would be like to work at a theme park? The dusty, the dirty, the smirk (ugh) I feel like that music is that wealthy bloodline, and I can’t let it stop with me. I was in Atlanta going to strip clubs and dance clubs, and Lil Jon was the deejay. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Disrespecting the boss, that's how you got fucked off We just talked you up Exclusive: Too Short explains predicting Durrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" would be a hit over 10 years before it dropped, extending his career with Lil Jon and evolving with the times. © Thizzler On The Roof, LLC. Think about a time when you realized you were the adult in the room. See photos of Stephanie working Toy Story Mania just below the transcript. I'm a mom who laughs a lot, mainly at myself. If I have something that’s hot on the streets, it’s hot on the stage. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). starts and ends within the same node. I feel like, as an artist, I’m safe enough to do that. Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift & Night Shift (The 42 Trax Deluxe Pack) Album, Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift & Night Shift (The 42 Trax Deluxe Pack), Can't Stop the Boss Ft. Too $hort, Snoop Dogg & Jazze Pha, Gotta Get Betta Ft. Mike Marshall & Suga T, Knock 'Em Down Music Ft. You make a bunch of music, and then you slide in on some hits. Apple pie is full of high fructose corn syrup, and baseball is full of steroid freaks. How would you compare this constant independent grind to your early days of selling from the trunk? But he’s seemingly less concerned about it (if at all) than anyone else. The funk has been a big part of your trademark sound, so how were you able to balance that with more club-oriented tracks like “Double Header?”, Too Short: What happened with my progression as far as making music that’s played in clubs—it’s simply through my affiliation with Lil Jon. And if you wanna compare it—in order to become a platinum artist, you would have to go into every market and meet many different people. DX: On the business side, can you tell me about when you first discovered the difference between just rapping as opposed to learning about consignment and checking your weekly SoundScan numbers? Wha-what was the subject See photos of Stephanie working Toy Story Mania just below the transcript. You can’t just put out one song and be like, “Oh well, that’s it.” I mean, you can…but I figured since it’s an independent product, we might as well let them know that something’s out. In this market, there’s just music everywhere; you can just yank something out of space and download it for free.

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