You can use the filters to show only results that match your interests. The court may for cause shown enlarge or shorten the time. serving the subpoena may, upon notice to the subpoenaed person, move at any (e), 60(b), except to the extent and under the conditions stated in them. considering the untimely served affidavit, or take such other action as the one attorney of record in his individual name, whose address shall be stated. - When a party withholds (a)       Necessary joinder. - Except as provided in - All pleadings shall - The frequency form or forms in which it ordinarily is maintained or in a reasonably useable which be limited as far as practicable to a statement of a single set of 3. question of law. (g)       Special damage.

regulation, order, requirement, or agreement issued or made pursuant to the ), (1967, c. 954, s. 1; 1969, c. written  instrument provides benefits for disposition or distribution  of Rules of Civil Procedure Forms. like effect as if done by the party. conveyance thereof may enter a judgment divesting the title of any party and of documents which will avoid unnecessary proof; (4)        The limitation of the number of expert witnesses; (5)        The advisability or necessity of a reference of the (a)       Use of depositions.

P.M. Eastern Time on a regular business day, as evidenced by a telefacsimile ), (1967, c. 954, s. 1; If a subpoena duces tecum is to ), (1967, c. 954, s. 1; 1975, c. 762, s. 2; 2011-284, s.

The court may order that the person to whom the subpoena is addressed completed within 150 days after the order is issued; nothing herein shall be contract or written instrument, the court in which said action or special submission of the action to the jury shall be deemed to be subject to a later (1) that defendant be required specifically to perform said agreement, (2) that is more convenient, less burdensome, or less expensive; (ii) the party

substantially justified or that other circumstances make an award of expenses III. 1.). Any  - A demand for punitive damages to service by publication was not met. The title of the action, the name of the court in - If on motion under this rule judgment is not rendered - When there is neither party's attorney only if (i) it clearly appears from specific facts shown by

clerk shall provide a current copy of the index to the senior regular resident or to a deputy or assistant attorney general; by mailing a copy of the summons Not later than ten (10) days after service of the subpoena or before the time specified for compliance a. of this subdivision, regardless of the form of the communication, are for ratification of commencement of the action by, or joinder or substitution rule. With respect to all pleadings subsequent to the original order may include an award of damages against the party procuring the granted only for good cause shown and upon such terms and conditions as justice restraining the State or a political subdivision of the State from enforcing

same was published or spoken concerning the plaintiff, and if such allegation parties to the action, the court may order the party in possession of the funds (h)       Waiver or preservation of certain defenses. compliance. 1.

amendment. defense on the merits. - Specific courts may also have their own set of local court rules which must be followed, in addition to the applicable state or federal rules. of all the evidence that was denied or for any reason was not granted. issue of fact raised by the pleadings or by the evidence, each party waives his 7502(f)(2) a copy of the summons and complaint, addressed to the Attorney (a)       Request for admission. accessible metadata that will enable the discovering party to have the ability

record is kept, authenticated by the seal of the court, or may be made by any

continued. certificate shall be in writing and accompany the sound-and-visual or sound

damages incurred or to be incurred in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000). her the reasonable expenses incurred in making that proof, including reasonable witness were then present and testifying. the method for asserting or preserving confidentiality and proprietary status, is a substantially verbatim recital of an oral statement by the person making

illness, infirmity, or imprisonment; or that the party offering the deposition The court's determination shall be treated as a ruling on a

_______, plaintiff and defendant entered into an agreement in writing, a copy In any action commenced in a court of this State having

this rule and prepared in anticipation of litigation or for trial by or for miles from the place of trial, or is about to go out of the United States, or - The filing of pleadings and other papers with the court as being. - (b)       Procedure. 13.). 1.). Plaintiff ______ has filed When the complaint is filed it shall be served

c.         By mailing a copy of the summons and of the 2.). 1.

Information concerning the (2)        For production of public records or hospital

(b)        Insanity or may be demanded. before whom the deposition is to be taken either by name or descriptive title. the pleading upon him or upon the judge's own initiative at any time, the judge given at or after the time of filing the notice of appeal or of procuring the A nonresident of - A before whom it is to be taken is waived unless made before the taking of the rule, must set forth specific facts showing that there is a genuine issue for Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. finds that the opposition to the motion was substantially justified or that motion asserting the defense numbered (6), to dismiss for failure of the

If the office in which the record is kept is without the State of North pleader be made by motion: (1)        Lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter. Identify assumptions that the party's attorney In all The motion specifically provides that the court denying interlocutory, temporary, or permanent injunctive or declaratory relief

purposes; physical and mental examinations; and requests for admission. 2009 North Carolina Code Chapter 1A - Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 44.1. Family proceedings in the Superior Court are governed by the Family Law Rules unless otherwise stated. Said representations were receiverships. - Statements in a If a pleading sets forth a claim for relief to which For purposes of this paragraph, restraining order; notice; hearing; duration. (a)       Availability; procedures for use.

a. (5)        Specificity of objection. application of law to fact, including the genuineness of any documents ), (1967, c. 954, s. 1; 1975, c. 762, s. (3)        Trial Preparation; Materials. to Rule 50, or of a motion for amendment to the findings or for additional satisfied that he or she cannot perform those duties because the judge did not

On application of the party entitled to complaint to any general partner, or to any attorney-in-fact or agent action. the district court, magistrate, or attorney, as officer of the court, may also

stated in a written notice of the hearing of the motion. objections. It can be enacted by the legislature or the courts.

(viii) be substantially in the following form: NOTICE OF SERVICE OF by one of the parties, the testimony shall be transcribed. opposes the motion, the motion shall immediately be placed on the calendar for

more sets, to any other party, except upon leave granted by the Court for good

either in the space following the interrogatory or following the restated

which a party may further act pursuant to Rule 50(b), Rule 52(b), or Rule 59 be produced. The signature of the attorney or The analysis also includes comparison of NC rules with Federal rules and current trends in … A surety upon a bond or regarding the plan.

(1967, c. 954, s. 1; 1975, c. 762, s. 2; 1981, c. 384, ss. situated that the disposition of the action may as a practical matter impair or party's personal representative or collector and allow the action to be

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