The smaller-battery model produces 402bhp, while the larger develops 469bhp. Interestingly, despite the $50,000 price difference, the new Taycan 4S models are capable of a similar amount of range as the more expensive cars in the series. All told, that means the first Porsche Taycans will cost more than Tesla’s offerings, but they will just about keep pace with the Silicon Valley automaker’s top-tier cars. Porsche has announced the third entry in its debut all-electric car lineup, the Taycan 4S. A four-seat configuration is standard, while a third center-rear seat (offering a total of five seats) is optional. At the top of the lineup, the Taycan Turbo S packs a staggering 750 horsepower with launch control engaged and 774 lb-ft of torque. The EPA hasn’t released numbers yet on the base 4S. The company claims that this, combined with the car's 800v electrical system, means it will be able to deliver its maximum performance over and over, without any degradation. Standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking, Standard lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assistance, Available blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles, Electrical components covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles. 750 horsepower (w/ launch control) Lars Kern, one of the brand's test drivers, went around the 20.6-kilometre circuit in seven minutes and 42 seconds at the wheel of a pre-production version of the Tesla Model S rival. The Taycan is the first production electric vehicle to use a two-speed transmission and an 800-volt electrical system, which allow for quicker acceleration and shorter recharge times, respectively. CarAndBike Tube; 18-Apr-20 11:30 AM IST; 02:24. While the Taycan is powered by silent electric motors rather than a howling gasoline engine, it is still intended to drive and handle like a Porsche. This design allows Porsche to offer more powerful 270-kilowatt charging that can recharge the battery from five to 80 percent in 22.5 minutes. The Porsche Taycan is the first electric vehicle to be built on an 800-volt electrical architecture. The midrange Taycan Turbo costs $150,900, and the top-spec Taycan Turbo S raises the price to $185,000. EPA city/highway fuel economy: 68/71 MPGe Here's what you need to know about electric car battery recycling. Porsche has taken the unusual step of giving its electric sports car the name “Porsche Taycan Turbo”, despite it not having any turbochargers to speak of. The 4S's figures should be slightly higher. 18-way adaptive sport seats Check User Ratings & Reviews. We'd skip it, though, as it's essentially a stripped-down version of the center screen with even less functionality. Originally dubbed “Mission E” when it was announced as a concept car in 2015, the Taycan will begin its production life as two variants: the Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S, which run a staggering $150,900 and $185,000, respectively. This is thanks to a larger front compartment, where the engine would sit in a conventional petrol or diesel car. That adds a small middle rear seat, but makes things quite cramped when in use. Porsche says you’ll get 407 km of range out of the Performance Battery Taycan 4S, and 463 km out of the Performance Battery Plus model. The shifts of the rear motor's unique two-speed transmission are almost imperceptible during regular driving. Porsche touts that almost all physical buttons have been replaced by touch control. The Taycan 4S with the Performance Battery will start at $103,800, while the Performance Battery Plus model will start at $110,380. The Taycan uses an all-electric powertrain that includes a battery pack and two permanent magnetic synchronous (PSM) electric motors. Thanks to its near-perfect steering calibration, excellent brake modulation, and grippy all-wheel-drive system, the 2020 Taycan is a joy to drive. 479 lb-ft of torque EPA city/highway fuel economy: 68/71 MPGe The Taycan 4S isn’t quite that, but its announcement sees Porsche move much closer to its goal. The 73.2kWh battery in the most basic version of the Taycan 4S – which has a maximum charging rate of 225kW – returns a range of 253 miles, while the 93.4kWh version can achieve up to 288 miles. A low center of gravity enables the Taycan to feel planted and stable, and as with all things Porsche, a long list of options can enable even higher performance. The Turbo and Turbo S models get a pair of electric motors (one on each axle), while the less powerful entry-level version will have one (on the rear axle). Driven back to back, the Porsche corners better and feels more engaging overall. To make the most of that range, you'll probably want Porsche's Intelligent Range Manager, a piece of software that adjusts the climate control and max speed when the remaining battery range is barely sufficient to reach a programmed destination. Instead, it’s meant to be the most aspirational electric car in parent company Volkswagen’s impending (and imposing) stable of electric cars. Taycan buyers will most frequently charge at home, though, and using an 11kW domestic wall box they will be able to completely top up their car’s batteries from flat in nine hours. Guides for basic car maintenance from the experts at Haynes. 522 horsepower (w/ launch control) What the Taycan can boast, however, are fresher and more stylish looks, more precise handling, a longer list of options, and the prestige of the Porsche brand. 79.2 kWh battery /522 horsepower If that's not enough screen for you, the optional passenger display adds a fourth pane of glass in the dash on the right side of the car. The 4-door Taycan signals Porsche’s next evolution. Porsche’s Taycan is a sensational six-figure electric sports car New, 124 comments The German automaker finally pulled the wraps off its first EV, which starts at $150,900 Each can accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds and hit a top speed of 143mph. In our testing, the Turbo S ripped to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds, making it the fastest EV-only car we've ever tested and the third-quickest car in the history of our testing. It has the same 800-volt charging system, all-wheel drive, and an exterior that looks to be unchanged compared to the more expensive models. Thanks to the 800-volt technology that Porsche is using in the Taycan, both variants can be charged from 5 percent to 80 percent in just under 23 minutes when hooked up to chargers that can charge at 270kW. 774 lb-ft of torque The updated Taycan range is available to order now, with prices starting at £83,580 for the 4S, rising to £115,860 for the Turbo and topping out at £138,830 for the Turbo S. EPA city/highway fuel economy: 67/68 MPGe That’s a touch longer than a BMW 5 Series. Expected Price ₹ 1 - 1.25 Crore. At launch, the least-expensive model will be the 4S with Performance Battery Pack, which starts at $109,370. Elsewhere, active lane-keeping assistance and InnoDrive (a function that automatically adjusts speed based on corners, traffic and road furniture) are offered as options at £759 each. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Taycan will also be the first car with a built-in Apple Music app. Porsche Surface Coated Brakes The Car and Bike Show; 18-Apr-20 04:29 PM IST; 08:26. And there may be its biggest differentiator with the Tesla Model S. Though slightly shorter than a Porsche Panamera, the Taycan is still a relatively large sedan, spanning 195.4 inches. One thing the Porsche Taycan does have in its pricing favor is that it’s still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit. But the truth is, the Taycan 4S is still thrilling, nailing that time in 3.8 seconds and costing nearly $50,000 less in the process. While those ranges are quite impressive by electric car standards, they’re not the best you’ll find in a pure-electric performance four-door car right now. But even if or when that happens, the car is never going to be a mass-market sensation. Porsche Taycan 4-door sedan is all-new for 2020, Taycan is Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle (EV), Available in three trims: 4S, Turbo, Turbo S. Despite being similarly-sized to the Panamera grand tourer and tipping the scales at a Rolls-Royce-esque 2.3 tons, the Taycan (pronounced tie-kann) is claimed to be as enjoyable to drive as you’d expect from a Porsche sports car. Dual motors with all-wheel drive (Taycan 4S with Performance Battery Plus) Other landmarks the Taycan hit during testing included 26 successive 'launch control' starts from 0-200kph (124mph) and covering more than 2,000 miles in 24 hours at the Nardo test track in Italy. It's plenty quick and is likely to deliver more range on a single charge than the pricier Turbo models. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. Deliveries of customer cars are scheduled to begin in January 2020. Another function allows the Taycan to optimise a domestic charge. 18:20. Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus Acoustically too, the Taycan provides an entirely new experience: it makes virtually no noise – all you can hear is the exterior sound that meets the legal requirements. At these prices, the Taycan is more expensive than the Tesla Model S, which begins around $81,000. The EPA hasn’t released numbers yet on the base 4S. At these prices, the Taycan is more expensive than the Tesla Model S, which begins around $81,000. Its powertrain may differ from every other Porsche, but it still corners and performs like one of Zuffenhausen’s best. The Taycan Turbo has a maximum output of 671bhp and generates 850Nm of torque. Topping up from five to 80% capacity from one of these should take 23 minutes, Porsche says, while doing the same from a 50kW rapid charger – a far more common sight in the UK – should take just over an hour and a half. Send us your questions about hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars and we'll do our best to answer, Not familiar with the Source London charging network? In theory, the Taycan is the first real challenger to the Tesla Model S. In practice, the Porsche and Tesla have unique advantages that should steer buyers toward an easier decision. The pricier Turbo models also get more standard features, such as full-leather interior, larger wheels, higher-end seats, and, in the case of the Taycan Turbo S, standard rear-axle steering. EPA-rated range on a full charge: 192 miles. As with a 911 and Boxster, the Taycan also features a small front trunk, (“frunk”) that adds 2.8 cubic feet. There are two versions of the Taycan 4S available: the Performance Battery and Performance Battery Plus. Registered Office: Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering it’s a high-performance Porsche, the Taycan will be an expensive vehicle. The Taycan differs from the Tesla Model S in that instead of a rear cargo hatch, the Taycan has a trunk, like a traditional sedan. Cupra, Seat's high-performance sister brand, has announced price and specs for its first exclusive model, the Formentor SUV. The updated Taycan range is available to order now, with prices starting at £83,580 for the 4S, rising to £115,860 for the Turbo and topping out at £138,830 for the Turbo S. Earlier in 2020, the Taycan line-up was bolstered by a new rear-wheel-drive model. After months of dribbling out information about its first-ever all-electric vehicle, Porsche opened the faucet today on the 2020 Taycan. 670 horsepower (w/ launch control) As with the Tesla Model S, the Taycan’s door handles sit flush until needed.

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