Now, coming back to the all-important range issue, the e-2008 will do up to 193 miles before its charge is depleted. Features such as 3D information projected into your eye line in a hologram-like way is the stuff of sci-fi movies. The second one is the slightly bigger Peugeot e-2008 crossover/SUV, based on the same eCMP platform. Peugeot Presents e-2008 With 50 kWh Battery And 100 kW Motor, Autogefühl: Peugeot e-2008 Is Very Fun To Drive: Video,, Tesla Owner: What An Honest Model Y Vs Model 3 Review Should Look Like, GMC Reveals 350-Mile Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: $79,995 To $112,595, Tesla Model Y Efficiency Proves Better Than Model 3 In Winter Testing, Tesla Model S Performance Loses To Ferrari F8 Tributo In Drag Race, Chevrolet Bolt EV Reportedly Catches Fire While Parked In Driveway, Length 4,300 mm, Width (open mirrors) 1,987 mm, Height 1,540 mm, Wheelbase 2,650 mm. It's a compact SUV, sure, but a useful one if you aren't part of a vast clan. It feels as though you’re at the helm of a computer game or a car simulator rather than the real deal. Peugeot’s latest offering comes as part of the fresh 2008 SUV line-up. Let Zuto search the market - we work with trusted lenders to find the right car finance for you. The Peugeot e-208’s taller brother, the e-2008, impresses another reviewer that’s not usually easily impressed. There’s as much boot space as in the petrol and diesel versions, with the … Peugeot’s latest offering comes as part of the fresh 2008 SUV line-up. According to Autogefühl, thanks to the silent and smooth electric drive, it's a relaxing and extremely fun to drive a car. Still, 193 miles is a decent enough figure, and the e-2008, as with all other fully electric cars, won’t cost you a penny in road tax. It stays flat in corners and pulls quickly from a standstill, as do all electrically propelled cars. There is a slight sense of detachment, and that mainly comes from the lack of sound. A black contrasting roof only comes with top spec GT Line and GT models, though a spangly metallic orange is the standard body colour at every trim level. For one thing, it looks just like the standard new 2008 SUV, which is a good thing because the model, in any grade, is very stylish. The Peugeot e-2008 is pretty roomy for an electric car – which normally sees its internal space taken up by batteries. It also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. News Reviews The car also offers genuine space for five people upwards – and it has a boot large enough for the needs of all the family. In an in-depth review, Autogefühl compares the conventional 2008 with e-2008, … Same goes for those stunning 3D dials, which are fitted to all e-2008s barring the entry-level Active versions. The interior of the e-2008 looks great, although the unique design affects the driving position for tall drivers (steering wheel). Peugeot quotes between 191 and 206 miles of range on the WLTP cycle, and the battery comes with an eight year/100,000 mile warranty. A minor detail, naturally, but key if you want the alien hamster look in full. On the other hand, the top of the line trim offers superb seats. Then there's the quality of the materials used throughout the cabin. The car’s 10-inch colour multimedia touchscreen is simple to use and is fitted with TomTom Traffic connected 3D Navigation. You see, SUVs are the height of automotive fashion in Europe and as the cost of high emissions increases, in more ways than one, we’re all going to have to start driving more eco-friendly cars. Not too intense regenerative braking, even in B mode, does not allow for an entirely single-pedal driving as in many other EVs. You’ll also be doing your bit for the ecosystem, and you’ll be immune from London's Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge. As we write, Peugeot will give you free installation of a home socket that’ll allow the e-2008 to fully charge in 7.5 hours. You can order your new e-2008 now, however - and the car is expected to be in UK dealerships by April 2020. The Peugeot e-208 is not the only new all-electric Peugeot entering the European market. The e-2008 is slightly heavier than the conventional version, but the low center of gravity makes it basically as agile as the ICE. The all-new Peugeot e-2008 SUV review. A refreshing change from the ‘kitchen appliance white’ that’s your free colour on a fair few of the 2008’s rivals. The e-2008 is eerily quiet at slow speeds, and only the whoosh of the wind or tyre rumble disturbs the hush on motorways. All Peugeot e-2008 models come with a 134bhp electric motor and a 50kWh battery. Because, yes, the e-2008 is a family car and there are no two ways about it. Audi S8 review: the most boring 560bhp car (in a good way), Range Rover review: new straight-six diesel driven, VW T-Cross R-Line 1.5 TSI review: 148bhp crossover tested, Rocketeer Mazda MX-5 review: modified V6 roadster driven, Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 review: classic café racer tested, Speed Week 2020: the Ferrari F8 Tributo on track, City, slicker: Honda City Turbo vs Honda e, Chris Harris on… the new BMW M4 and M3 Touring. After an initial one year/8,000-mile check-up, servicing is every two years/16,000 miles. BBC is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The 2008 has the appearance of a shrunken 3008 SUV in many ways, but the interior is even better. They will be used to alternative energy cars. Jonathan Crouch takes a look at the e-2008, the all-electric version of Peugeot's 2008 small SUV. Oh, and with Peugeot’s 100Kw all-electric motor and 50kWh battery, the e-2008 SUV generates 136ps, meaning performance isn’t in short supply. And Hyundai’s Kona Electric long-range version will give up to 279 miles before the battery spits out its last spark of energy. The second one is the slightly bigger Peugeot e-2008 crossover/SUV, based on the same eCMP platform. Anyway, we’re at where we're at, and for the time being the Peugeot e-2008 is a commendable enough electric car. The French automaker doesn’t want the car to be seen as special or different, it merely wants the alternative energy vehicle to be there for people to select from the range if they so wish. We can’t imagine too many people will miss either. We’re looking at around 282 miles on a single charge from the likes of Kia’s e-Niro. Ten Second Review. I suspect this is because I’ve been driving for over thirty years, and I’m used to the grumble of an engine – or some sign telling me I’m going faster. Then there's 2040 – the year when the UK aims to stop making any more cars with internal combustion engines. Here in the Peugeot, and all other electric cars, the only sign is the speedometer and the above-mentioned wind and tyre factor. Logos © 1996. It's an interior ripped straight from a Merc or an Audi, surely? Neuvorstellung: Peugeot 2008 / 2017 / Es ist ein "PeugOpel" / Review / Test. The new French motor drives well, too. And the transition from ‘normal’ cars to electric ones is a big one in the eyes of most current drivers. Of course, for our children who are yet to drive this won't seem like a shift at all. Indeed, to them, there won't be anything ‘alternative’ about them; they will simply be a car. Why this slowly, slowly approach, though? The all-electric version is about €8,000 more expensive than ICE, starting at around €35,000 ($38,900). Look back, and we were in the year 2000 – so two decades can go by in a flash. The French automaker doesn’t want the car to be seen as special or different, … You can follow Tim Barnes-Clay on Twitter @carwriteups and on Instagram @tbarnesclay, Salon Privé brings automotive launches to Blenheim Palace, Mazda MX-30 prototype: first drive review, Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid offers clean urban driving, Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4Matic AMG Line Premium Plus review. Peugeot 2008 Pure Tech Grip Control | Test sabbia neve This is Peugeot's first all-electric SUV, and it's a critical model for Peugeot and the whole of PSA, their parent company. BBC Studios is a commercial company that is owned by the BBC (and just the BBC). That’s good, but not stunning. Optional is a ‘mobility pass’ that means you can borrow something with internal combustion whenever you need to cover a large mileage without being held hostage by a charging infrastructure still in its infancy. The profits we make from it go back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes. I'm not saying petrol or diesel cars are dead – but there is a significant shift towards electric now – and, bit by bit, Peugeot and other large car manufacturers are ushering in pure-electric cars. I can't give you the 0-62mph time or max speed, because I was given an early test of the car – and all figures haven’t been finalised yet. Well, fundamentally, we human beings are creatures of habit – we don't like change. Mind, if you want the fancy ‘claw’ headlights you see on this car, they too are reserved for GT Lines and GTs, and the regular headlights just aren’t quite as funky. Same goes for fully autonomous parking. Peugeot's e-2008 delivers the full-EV formula to the smallest segment of the SUV … As we write, Peugeot will give you free installation of a home socket that’ll allow the e-2008 to fully charge in 7.5 hours. The 2008 achieves five stars with it all, four stars without. This website is made by BBC Studios Distribution. In an in-depth review, Autogefühl compares the conventional 2008 with e-2008, including exterior, interior and driving experience. No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. There is enough space on the rear bench and trunk capacity seems to be the same as in the case of ICE. Yes, these days Peugeot is right up there with the big boys in terms of refinement. The tiny steering wheel is a joy to grip, too, making you feel as though you're in something sporty – not a car that's environmentally ‘worthy’. Without it you’re looking at around 17 hours using a standard three-pin domestic socket like you plug your hoover into. Besides the 153bhp petrol engine it’s the most potent in the range, and 0-62mph is dealt with in nine … So, if you have an Android phone or iPhone, it’ll harmonise with the e-2008’s media system. Peugeot 2008 GT Line 2017 , full review. While petrol and diesel 2008s come with the option of ‘grip control’ – a knob to shift through different traction control settings, a sort of soft-road cheat code in the absence of actual 4WD – it’s not available on the e-2008. Gallery: Ferrari's mighty 710bhp supercar slides its way through Anglesey... DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 4x4 review: a worthy X3/Q5 rival? There’s a swathe of active safety tech as standard on all 2008s, but if you want adaptive cruise control – to yield semi-autonomous behaviour in traffic – you’ll be spending more than £30,000. But who’s it trying to fool? It's only 20 years away. When the offer ends, we reckon you should try and bargain it into the deal…. It’s worth noting there are two different NCAP safety ratings, depending on whether you’ve specced all the safety tech.

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