The e-208 gets the same lovely interior, apart from some different functionality so you can monitor the electrical systems. The side profile is quite handsome, but marred by the narrow rear doors and oddly misaligned door handles. Indeed, this car’s refinement is superb in general. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. So fancy do the materials feel on all of the areas you touch regularly, whether plastic or faux leather, that perhaps the only fair comparison in the class is the Mini 5dr. That was a bold move, given how fondly the old car is remembered. And there’s more to do before the car’s launch at the end of the year, so no star rating. Looks nice. If you can stretch your budget to the 99bhp Puretech 100 petrol you'll have the pick of the range. In a class of exceptional rivals, the Clio has what it takes t... What Car? Slightly complicated to explain but attractive and effective, it's standard on Allure-grade models and above. GT-Line's useful additions include an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, adaptive LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. From £17,155 8. The 208 sits on the PSA Group’s small modular platform, CMP, which will also sit beneath small Citroën and DS models and the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa. The e-208 does need a marginally wider rear axle, however, to accommodate the battery pack, which is wider than the fuel tank, hence it gets wheelarch spats that are otherwise the preserve of higher-grade ICE cars. The ‘trickle-down effect’ continues inside. Eye-catching supermini arrives in the UK in range-topping form. 2020 Peugeot 208 1.2 130 GT-Line: specification. While rolling, you don’t notably feel it. You plug it in on the left, near the back – the same place as the filler nozzle is on ICE cars. With the Puretech 130, you’re limited to an eight-speed automatic, and while the two make quite a cute couple, they do have the occasional misunderstanding. New Peugeot 208 is available in five spec levels: Like, Active, Allure, GT Line and GT. The interior looks compressed and contrived. It’s good – the ride is reasonably well controlled (the manual thuds less than the heavier auto) and the steering is direct, so there’s a relatively agile feel to it (the lighter car again better) – but the initial roll rate is loose and the steering is overly light, short on self-centring and a touch gloopy. The new Peugeot 208 is, on the face of it, yet another handsome French supermini from a nation that’s bloody terrific at building desirable small cars. You can find out a lot in a short space of time, though. An added benefit on this would be the option of a six-speed manual gearbox. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. That it shares the same body as the 'regular' car means the hardware has to go in a similar place – the motor and electrickery under the bonnet, filling that space quite easily, with the batteries under the rear seats, where the fuel tank would usually be, plus through what we’d have once called a transmission tunnel and under the front seats in an H-shape. It's a shame to see Peugeot reverting to its '07 generation "big gob" grilles, which looks particularly inappropriate on a small car such as this. The Yaris? By whose standard? Can it compete with Audi and Mini? On a country road, you simply don’t get the confidence that you would in a Fiesta to swing through corners. Acceleration is brisk, while brake pedal feel is currently numb, but the engineers say they know that too. New Peugeot 208: a smart upmarket move. 1.2 PureTech petrol 75hp Active manual: £16,250. Also coming in for praise is, once again, the PSA Group’s turbocharged 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine. The first thing you notice is how tiny the oblong steering wheel is. An update to it incorporates a 3D element – a kind of head-up display in front of the main dials.

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