That’s what you get in lower trim levels. I won several races. - 16th January 2018. Priser fra And it’s paid for by the government. Nissan’s slightly unconventional – some might say innovative – method of heating and cooling the Leaf’s interior has always puzzled me a bit, even going back to the first-generation model. Nissan quotes a 0-62mph time of 7.3sec - the same as the BMW i3, although still a way off the unusually brisk Hyundai Kona Electric. Some of my more intrepid colleagues even used the Leaf as transport when taking on the Three Peaks Challenge, covering 500 miles between Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales without too much hassle. I suspect that if you tried to use the parking aid in a busy car park, you’d have a queue of honking cars behind you long before you’d completed the manoeuvre. kan påvirke de faktiske værdier. During the summer months, I found I could cover about 140 miles between charges on average, or up to 160 if all of the miles were around town, driving at the same speeds as I would in any car – in other words, not making any specific effort to eke out as many miles as possible per charge. - 15th August 2018. This is an exciting time in the evolution of electric vehicles. **Opladning med 6,6 kW kræver særlig el-installation, som vores samarbejdspartnere forventer at kunne tilbyde i det første halvår af 2018, mod en mindre merpris. We found out over six months, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Frankly, I’d been hoping for something closer to 200 miles this time around. Nissan LEAF is quick off the line, and has great handling. When it’s working properly, Ecotricity’s Electric Highway smartphone app seems like a neat way of connecting with the charging point, paying for the energy used and keeping tabs on progress. There were a few rattles to contend with, too, notably from the seatbelt buckles tapping against the hard plastic trim on the door pillars. With a range of just over 160 miles showing, I figured I’d have no trouble getting there and back without recharging. The combined effect of the two braking systems results in an uncomfortable stop, with anything that might be sitting on the back seats slamming into the footwell. While it’s great that the Leaf comes with heaps of driver aids, I found some of them quite intrusive – notably the automatic emergency braking, which tended to activate too often, reacting to parked cars and even the barriers in our car park. The fact that you could turn it off completely was welcome when parking (because the car was then able to creep like a normal automatic) and on the motorway, when coasting was generally preferable to slowing rapidly when you lifted off. følgende udstyr: 8" skærm kompatibel med 4G-forbindelse, Opvarmede sæder for og bag, automatisk kørelys, Skiltegenkendelse, læderrat, bakkamera. In which case, you can switch it off, giving the same level of creep as you’d get in a normal automatic. Prices: List price new £28,390 (including £4500 government grant) List price now £30,390 (including revised £3500 government grant) Price as tested £30,055 Dealer value now £25,900 Private value now £23250 Trade value now £22,900 (part exchange), Fuel consumption and range: Claimed economy 168 miles (WLTP) Battery pack 40kWh Test average 140 miles Test best 160 miles (summer) Test worst 100 miles (winter), Tech highlights: 0-62mph 7.9sec Top speed 90mph Engine Electric motor Max power 148bhp Max torque 236lb ft Transmission single-speed automatic Boot capacity 435-1176 litres litres Wheels 6.5Jx17in Tyres 215/50 VR17 Dunlop Enasave EC300 Kerb weight 1580kg, Service and running costs: Contract hire rate £437 CO2 0g/km Service costs none Other costs none Electricity costs £168 Running costs inc electricity £168 Cost per mile 4.8 pence Depreciation £4490 Cost per mile inc dep’n £1.33 Faults Occasional interior rattles. The only time I see one of these inverted bathtubs, is the car park at Sainsbury's and always driven by an old man. The side windows still seem a bit reluctant to clear properly, though, and the unheated door mirrors take even longer. However, on one occasion the app went AWOL part-way through a top-up and refused to let me stop the process early, as planned. Then there are the parking sensors. Now, I have to confess that I don’t really see the point of such aids unless you really can’t park a car to save your life, but Nissan’s system promises to be more advanced than many previous ones. I’m convinced that driving an EV is also a guaranteed way of reducing stress levels and blood pressure. I’ve very much enjoyed running around in the Leaf every day, despite its flaws. * Privatleasing via Nissan Finans. I will consider about this car. But as is the case with most EVs, the range dropped by a good 40 miles when the weather turned colder. Eventually they will paying the equivalent of fossil fuel levels. Førstegangsbetaling kr. REFINEMENT Noise levels are exceptionally low all round and the powertrain is silky smooth, as you’d expect of an electric motor, TAILGATE RELEASE Getting into the boot is trickier than I’d like. They’re easily seen when standing by the charging port too. As these things go, it hardly ranks up there with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, but here it is anyway: I reckon EVs are good for your health. Tilbehør, vedligeholdelse, kørselsadfærd, vejrforhold m.m. RIDE COMFORT A wonderfully compliant ride soaks up bumps and potholes better than most cars of its size and price. Priser og specifikationer på Nissan LEAF 2019. Among other things, it’s got more power and performance than before, a bigger battery pack, a longer claimed range and a smarter interior. Professionally I have been extremley lucky and for 30+ years worked for some of the worlds most prestigous motor manufactures which included launching marques, supporting driving cars around the world, motorshows, race events and have the honour to enter the first EV sportscars into a FIA sanctioned event. (*). Why, because it's only old men who appear happy to sacrifice everything that makes driving a pleasure for the prospect of a penny less per mile covered - however miserably. INTERIOR SPACE Lots of rear leg room and a good-size boot make the Leaf quite practical by hatchback standards. That’s better than the 124-mile figure that Volkswagen claims for the e-Golf, but only about the same as what you can already get out of a Renault Zoe. It does almost everything itself and can safely insert you not just into a parallel space but also frontwards or backwards into an end-on bay. In the end I made it, but it was much tighter than expected, with less than 20 miles showing when I got home later that night. The fact that the Leaf is significantly longer than its closest rival, the Volkswagen e-Golf, means you get not only more leg room in the rear seats but also a much bigger boot (435 litres versus 341 with the rear seats up). I know from previous experience with the i3 that this ability to drive using just one pedal makes for exceptionally smooth progress, especially around town. And quite a lot of the blame lies with the car’s many electronic driver aids, which don’t seem very well adapted to life on London’s ridiculously narrow, twisty and overcrowded streets. For example, it happens randomly as I’m driving up to the barrier to get out of our multi-storey car park, going at snail’s pace and doing nothing differently from any other day. That still leaves me able to cover plenty of miles between recharges, so I’m not overly concerned, as long as the indicated figure doesn’t drop much more. The shortfall has been similar every time I’ve done a longer trip that includes motorway or dual-carriageway sections. Hats off to road tester Ricky Lane for tips on how to extract the best from the Leaf. On top of that, we’ve added ProPilot Park (£1090 with Tekna trim only), which is an almost fully automatic parking aid, and Spring Cloud Green metallic paint (£575). Herefter månedlig leasingydelse på kr. WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) er en ny procedure til måling af køretøjets brændstofforbrug, CO2 og forurende emissioner. It has its own tethered cable, too, so there’s no need to faff around with the one that comes with the car. I had to phone Ecotricity to get them to do it remotely. And compared with hatchback rivals, the Leaf remains competitive, thanks to its low running costs (just 4.8 pence per mile in electricity), practicality and comfortable ride, and a good choice for mainly urban use. The front and rear screens can have cleared completely but the side windows will still be almost impossible to see through. A bigger, clearer, more responsive infotainment touchscreen and a more configurable, fully digital instrument panel wouldn’t have gone amiss, either; both seemed surprisingly low-tech for a car like this.

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