[5], In 1987, a production was at last funded, based on a script by Penelope Mortimer, and James Wilby, Imogen Stubbs, and Susannah York were cast in the leading roles. When he falls and twists his ankle, Ashton is helped at a nearby farmhouse and stays there for a few days to recover, while his friend goes on. They got on the monorail and went back to their hotel. "[8], RKO IN FILM DEAL WITH LASKY FIRM: Studio to Distribute Three of Latter's Productions in Next 18 Months- New York Times 17 Oct 1946: 35. "I couldn't remember a thing about it", adding that "the last apple got written out [of the script] a week before shooting - it was the wrong time of year. That night Alice walked sleepily next to her mom and her dad who was holding the sleeping Jenny. "[8], Mortimer called the character of Frank Ashton "very much a Galsworthy character, someone with the guilt of not living up to his own expectations. He is taken to see Megan's grave, which is at the spot where they had first met. ", picture citation:http://www.trekeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/wdwcollage-thumb.jpg. "I took the money and ran and totally forgot about it," she said in 1988. Other scenes were filmed in Exeter, Dartmouth, and Sidmouth. (VHS quality, english language, no subs, 95 min. Eighteen years later, he is passing that way again. It's episode 100! A Summer Story is a British drama film released in 1988, directed by Piers Haggard, based on John Galsworthy’s 1916 short story "The Apple Tree", with a script by Penelope Mortimer.It stars James Wilby, Imogen Stubbs, and Susannah York.. Sadly, this becomes her destiny.CAST:James Wilby - Mr. AshtonImogen Stubbs - Megan DavidSusannah York - Mrs. NarracombeKenneth Colley - JimJerome Flynn - Joe NarracombeDirector: Piers HaggardWriters: John Galsworthy (story), Penelope MortimerSOUNDTRACK:Original Music Composed by Georges DelerueA1 Love In The LoftA2 Summer PoemA3 We Meet MeganA4 Sheep Shearing A5 Ashton ArrivesA6 Waiting For Megan A7 Falling In LoveA8 Coming To TownA9 AbandonedB1 Flashback And RescueB2 The Gentle Maiden (Instrumental)B3 Return To The HillB4 At The BeachB5 Megan Leaves ForeverB6 Missed The TrainB7 Megan At WorkB8 Night MeetingB9 Megan In The FieldB10 Thinking Of AshtonB11 Ashton's Son (Theme From A Summer Story)***I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THIS MOVIE*** Ashton visits the farm where he seduced Megan and is recognized. He learns that Megan was heart-broken about losing him and also that she died soon after giving birth to a son, whom she named "Francis," or Frank. "Yes girls we are ready," said their mom. yelled Alice excitedly. While he is delayed, Ashton meets an old school friend, staying at a local hotel with his three sisters, of whom the oldest is Stella Halliday (Sophie Ward). picture citation:http://corporate.disney.go.com/careers/who_disney_world.html, Alice and her sister Jenny packed their suitcases a week before they were even leaving for Disney World. Alice and her sister grabbed their little backpacks and headed for the door and their parents followed. A Summer Story is a British drama film released in 1988, directed by Piers Haggard, based on John Galsworthy’s 1916 short story "The Apple Tree", with a script by Penelope Mortimer. In 1946 Jesse Jasky Jr announced he would make a film of the story from a script by De Witt Bodeen at RKO, but nothing came of it. He sees her on the beach and follows her into the town, but when she turns and catches a glimpse of him, he hides. "Hold on girls don't run off quite yet help unload the bags and then we'll check in to the hotel," their Dad said.

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