KURVIGES VERGNÜGEN. Confirm capability with your system manufacturer before purchase. Für ein ergonomisches und optimales Seherlebnis kannst du Neigung, Drehung und Höhe des Monitors nach deinen Wünschen anpassen. Want to enjoy your games like the way they are meant to be enjoyed? Buy MSI OPTIX MAG272CR 27. Blue Light Reduction. 165Hz Refresh Rate – Even smoother gaming experience than other gaming monitors in the industry. Erlebe das Schlachtfeld wie nie zuvor, mit dem Curved Gaming-Monitor MSI Optix MAG272CRX! Optix MAG321CURV. Equipped with the 1920 x 1080 FullHD resolution and ground-breaking 165Hz refresh rate panel, the MSI Optix MAG272C will capture every moment while you take down your opponents. http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/technologies-gaming/freesync. Der MSI Optix MAG272CRX Gaming Monitor wurde für atemberaubende Spieleerlebnisse entwickelt. We use cookies to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. MSI Mystic Light verleiht dem Optix MAG272CRX die Möglichkeit, sich farblich deinen anderen Mystic-Light-unterstützten Geräten anzugleichen. With MSI Optix series gaming monitors, it doesn't have to be. MSI Optix MAG272CR curved gaming monitor is designed specifically for that purpose. GD-127. Die integrierte VESA Adaptive Sync Technik sorgt für das beste Bild beim Spielen. Optix MAG301CR. Produktbeschreibung, Funktion und Erscheinungsbild des Produkts können auf Grund unterschiedlicher GPU variieren. Generic monitor displays normally have a flicker-rate of about 200-times per second, which is unnoticeable to the naked eye, but can cause fatigue over time. "Grazie al rivoluzionario strumento di misurazione chiamato Reflex Latency Analyzer i giocatori potranno avere un'esperienza di ... Il tuo PC è pronto per le nuove schede grafiche NVIDIA Ampere RTX serie 30? View our new Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy here. Con prestazioni incredibilmente elevate ed un prezzo sbalorditivo, la nuova serie RTX 3000 è pronta per essere la nuova regina [...], Molti giocatori ignorano l'importanza di un monitor quando pensano a una configurazione di gioco. With MSI Mystic Light, the Optix MAG272CR’s RGB lights provide a soft ambient light that can easily be synced with any other Mystic Light enabled gaming product. Enter your product's name to find downloads, manuals or other support, Ricevi i nuovi software, driver, manuali e utility. Produkt-Service . With adjustments to tilt, swivel, and height, easily change the position of the gaming monitor for maximum ergonomics and optimum viewing experience. Product specification, function, and appearance may vary based on different GPU. MSI Gaming Monitore sind darauf spezialisiert, deine Augen mithilfe der MSI Less-Blue-Light-Technik bei langer Nutzung zu schonen. Witness your epic battle with the MSI Optix MAG272C curved gaming monitor. This Subreddit is community run and does not represent NVIDIA in any capacity unless specified. Combined with our absolute gaming DNA, enjoy the best graphical experience with MSI Gaming monitors. Gaming shouldn't be a choice between choppy gameplay or broken frames. Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light – Game even longer and prevent eye strain and fatigue. Optix monitors are equipped with a 165Hz refresh rate + 1ms response time VA LED panel which has the most benefit in fast moving game genres such as first person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Dadurch bietet dieses MSI Optix-Modell im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Monitoren ein farbintensiveres Bild. Optix MAG272CR. Optix monitors are optimized to produce less amount of blue light displayed by the monitor, so that you can game for longer periods of time without eye-fatigue. Detaillierte technische Daten entnehmen Sie bitte der Produktspezifikationen-Seite. Night Vision –See every detail clearly in the dark, helping you find and attack enemies before they notice. MSI Optix MAG272CR curved gaming monitor is designed specifically for that purpose. MSI Serie ARTYMIS Das gebogene Panel hilft bei der Spieleimmersion und bietet ein intensiveres Spielerlebnis. Mon, 01 June 2020. For detailed specifications, please consult the product specifications page.

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