These divide the country into sections at different altitudes: the Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas and High Atlas. Tarfaya Wind Farm in Morocco is the Africa’s largest capacity wind farms with 131 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 301 MW. 29. In the Arabic word, Fes is also considered to be the most medieval town. Their Western Sahara (Southern Provinces) contains almost two-thirds of the earth’s potential reserves of phosphate. They are more like those places where you go to drown you sorrow. Eid Al Fitr literally means ‘celebration of eating’. It includes European, Mediterranean, and Berber origins dishes. They stretch from the northwest of Morocco to the northeast, bordering the Mediterranean ocean. 18. Many girls never receive an education. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipis cing elit. Other Moroccan minerals include cobalt, barite, lead, and fluorspar. When you travel to Morocco, Moroccan people are very interesting to watch and talk to. Yemen, Liberia, Gaza, and Sudan are also widely deemed dangerous locations. 14. Morocco’s economy is heavily reliant on its natural resources, as are many African economies. The national literacy rate among adults is 50 percent. thank you for all the tips, your blog was my bible in Morocco. They are often built of traditional adobe (sand, straw/manure, and clay) and stone. Statistics in Morocco inform us the country is seeking to make tourism an even bigger part of its economy. 50 Fascinating Facts about Morocco The Kingdom of Morocco is a sovereign state in the far north west of Africa. Morocco has been granted major non-NATO ally status by the United States government as well. 10. Moroccans eat from the same big plate which they put in the center of the table. Corporate schedules also adapt to Ramadan rhythm and change from a classic 8am-6pm with lunch-break to an 8am-3pm without interruption. There a man’s social life includes going to a café to meet friends or watch television (particularly football/soccer). So always have change on you. Morocco considers it a priority to preserve its cultural heritage. Morocco is designated a secure location to visit and has no travel advisories or travel alerts in force at this time. He has brought the country closer to democracy, but it is still a Muslim state based on Islamic law. Morocco was also the cultural hub of the medieval Islamic world and Islamic scholars from different parts of the Arab world would gather here to discuss religion and science. Morocco is truly a land of wonders. Once the handshaking, hugging, and kisses are done, each person will ask a flow of questions, about health, family (they can ask for each member of the family) and future plans. Buildings common to Moroccan cities include mosques with beautiful minarets (towers), bazaars (market areas), medinas (old medieval sections) and Kasbahs (old fortresses). Recently it has even successful incorporated some Anglo-American influences. Join the SetSail community today & set up a free account. The predominant religion in Morocco is Islam. The good side is that alcohol will be super super cheap (around 1$ a beer). You don’t need an extra budget to buy new clothes as you probably already have all the essential in your wardrobe. The main category of Islam is Sunni Islam. 34. If you want to buy alcohol in Morocco, most Moroccan supermarkets will sell alcohol (crazy right?). The people also speak Moroccan Arabaic (Darija) and French is used in government, media and international commerce as well as substantial sized companies. Music, as well as art festival, are held throughout the summer months. Therefore, Morocco was the first nation to recognize the newly formed country of the United States formally as an independent nation. In case you don’t want to tip, just decline the offer by saying ‘’“La, shoukrane” (“No, thank you”). Morocco is a North African country with beautiful scenery, fascinating history and lots of culture, including delicious cuisine, to explore. Headscarves, for example, are not mandatory and wearing a basic sleeveless shirt or a midi skirt is totally possible. Morocco’s chief of state since 1999 is King Mohammad VI. Most people are Sunni Muslims. Morocco is geographically characterized by its two mountain ranges, the Atlas and Rif Mountains; its portion of the Sahara desert; and its beautiful coastal areas. Although the film Casablanca was named after Morocco’s biggest city, and the story allegedly occurred there, the film wasn’t filmed in the legendary town. The Rif Mountains in the north of the country are also inhabited by the Berber people. The celebration lasts for a week or so, and again, as it is a family celebration, people spend most of their time in their homes eating, visiting family members and eating. Moroccan people are internationally known for being very friendly and obliging. Lamb is also consumed in Morocco but is often difficult to procure because it is so costly. Morocco - Travel Guide, Food & Inspiration. Morocco has an ancient and rich civilization and culture. Another important thing to remember is that celebrations dates are based on a lunar calendar, so the exact date won’t be official until one or two days before the actual date. Facts in Morocco indicate the country was home to Romans, Visigoths, Vandals, and Byzantines. Years later and thousands miles away from Morocco, here I am, connecting you with my passions: Morocco, Moroccan food and Moroccan fashion and design. Around two-thirds are Muslims of Sunni descent. First, make sure you read my article about safety in Morocco and how to react to some locals behaviors. Which you did. If you are looking for a simple guide and inspiration, check my post about what to wear in Morocco for women and men. In the summertime, tourists are advised to wear soft cotton and linens. Cannabis is grown in the Rig Mountains and according to the French Ministry, 80 percent of the hashish consumed in Europe comes from here. If they see you are not eating enough, they will insist and get confused, thinking you didn’t like the food. Spain and France are the other two countries with magnificent beaches from both water bodies. Since much of the country is Muslim, in Morocco, pork is banned under the Sharia rule. Many Moroccans also speak Spanish. 31. Most of its 1,800 km coastline is on the Atlantic Ocean, with about a quarter on the Mediterranean Sea. French is also used by one-third of the people and is part of the school curriculum. During Eid Al Fitr, each family must give a donation to someone in need, called Fatra. Moroccans love inviting people they like to share a meal or something as casual as a traditional Moroccan mint tea with pastries. More than half of the Moroccan population lives in towns or cities. Although Rabat is recognized as Morocco’s capital, Casablanca remained the largest in the country, as well as the biggest city in Africa’s Maghreb area. Morocco is a North African country with beautiful scenery, fascinating history and lots of culture, including delicious cuisine, to explore. 3. Morocco is the only territory in Africa that is not a part of the African Union. Consequently, if you are planning on visiting Morocco, it is important to check if your scheduled dates will meet some religious celebrations. Morocco is a conservative country where showing a lot of skin for women is not accepted, but it doesn’t mean that women need to cover up entirely. 6. 5. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, some Moroccans might offer to help you with something, like carry your luggage or accompany you to your hotel if you get lost. They also export leather goods and textiles.

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