We know from prior experience that the big, titanium-valved V8 is as soulful as they come, but recently the hybrid has proved more popular. Whether you’re driving along a sun-soaked coastal road or over a dramatic Alpine pass, the new Lexus LC Convertible delivers an unmatched level of open top luxury and awesome V8 power. The fact it has an atmo v8 in this day and age warrants 5 stars. But what a cabin this is. Lexus has also increased the stroke of the front damper units in an attempt to relieve some of the brittleness of original coupé although, equally, a stiffer rear anti-roll bar is used to improve turn-in response. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. What a beautifully engineered piece of naturally aspirated automotive sculpture. The new Lexus LC Convertible is now available to order in the UK. Downstream of the engine, the torque-converter transmission still has no fewer than 10 speeds – which still feels like at least two too many – but the multi-link suspension has been lightened with more generous use of aluminium. Its short overhangs, 22-inch wheels and wide stance are all reminders of this car’s performance potential. Peel away that skin and you'd see that the V8 engine sits slightly further forward than it might, and this is discernable. 3.5 stars! The toggleswitch that controls the mechanism is then neatly hidden beneath a leather-clad flap on the transmission tunnel. Lexus has refreshed the LC ‘concept car made real’ for 2020 and is now offering its Porsche 911 Cabrio rival with a folding canvas roof, which is expected to prove more popular than the elegant fixed-head. In addition to the visual appeal of the exterior sheetmetal, the LC Convertible concept attracts drivers and passengers alike with an allure of a cabin that caters to every need. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. Fabric-roofed 2+2 only adds to the drama of V8-powered concept car-made-real, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. The LC Convertible car laps up motorways, and is comfortable and reasonably engaging on A-roads, but B-roads are best left to others. The LC's cabin is otherwise unchanged, and keeps the tiny rear seats, which are more useful for luggage than humans. The roof mechanism itself is reasonably quick (though not as fast-acting as that of the new Aston Vantage Roadster) and operates at road-speeds of up to 30mph. Lexus's decision to lose the run-flat tyres, and various changes it has made to suspension bushing and damper rates, has obviously helped elevate the LC's credibility as a GT car, and it should be seen as such. Oh look how lovely the glovebox shuts......good god get a life. From the comfort of its tailored seats to the feel of every switch and button, everything about this LC is designed to make even the most common trip feel like an occasion. Full details are in our, Find your perfect approved pre-owned Lexus, Discover the benefits of buying an approved pre-owned Lexus. If it had an Alfa badge, the journo would give it another star. More than just a grand tourer, the strong exterior lines of the LC Convertible concept reinforce its performance pedigree. The LC Convertible car laps up motorways, and is comfortable and reasonably engaging on A-roads, but B-roads are best left to others. Crisp white leather trim abounds while yellow accent stitching adds a pop of colour without distracting from the subtle elegance of the overall design. Perhaps this car should even be viewed as more of an under-sized S-Class Cabriolet alternative, even if the 149-litre boot capacity is hardly the greatest for touring. Save up to £4,000 with the Lexus scrappage scheme. The less powerful 3.5-litre V6 hybrid motor available in the coupe won't be making an appearance here. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you. The LC still drops jaws, and the convertible roof gives the experience another dimension, but it’ll remain an esoteric choice: far bigger on charm than broad appeal. Flexible finance options custom-fit for you, Three levels of protection for your Lexus. If that's how you feel, why are you as a presumably "proper motoring enthusiast" bothering to read this. The basic 2+2 layout is the same as that of the coupé introduced in 2017, with a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 putting out an unchanged 457bhp driving the rear wheels alone. Punch drunk on za Germans. What  a lovely way to waft about in the summer. In the case of Sport+ specification tested here (add £5850 to the £90,775 base price of the V8), Lexus fits a Torsen rear differential to aid the Michelin Super Sport tyres, which replace the unloved old run-flats but are wrapped around the same unmissable 21in forged alloys. A stunning design from every angle, the LC Convertible concept stands as an aspirational halo vehicle for the entire Lexus line-up. Despite the detail changes, on the move the picture is more mixed, but perhaps convertible life does suit the LC’s demeanour better. The launch of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept at the 2019 North American International Auto Show signals the latest evolution of the brand since the, An open-air roadster that is an artful reflection of the. Id probably take the hybrid a just enjoy some chilled motoring in a stunning vehicle. The low-speed ride continues to suffer from the large wheels (though less so than before), and we’d take a smaller rim size if possible, but if you mostly intend to sit back, let the miles go by and enjoy the glorious intake roar of the V8 without being too concerned about the shortage of torque, there’s probably enough here to offer longlasting satisfaction and interest. We recommend that you keep all these cookies but if you don't agree you can easily change them by clicking the cookie settings option below. Esoteric because all you Brits, said scribe included, are utterly predictable and dull. The car's strength is that it's such an affable cruiser, with one of the most distinctive cabins and refined in any class. The LC Convertible shares many design features with its Coupé stablemate, beginning with that statement ‘spindle’ grille in chrome mesh, flanked by ultra-compact triple LED headlamp units. Enter your postcode to see offers and content from your local Lexus Centre. The steering response is superficially keen, but the agility suggested by the exterior design isn't there. PRE-ORDER YOUR LC CONVERTIBLE 5* NCAP SAFETY RATING Further tweaks have been made to the brake setup and the variable EPAS. Prices start from £90,775 for the base-model and climb to £96,625 for the flagship Sport Pack variant. This car remains conspicuously well balanced and changes direction neatly. The recessed dashboard and organic-looking door-cards stand out in particular, and but for an inch more reach in the steering column, the driving position would be largely beyond objective fault. The Sport+ pack also brings neck-warmers integrated into the heavily bolstered seats, but what the coupe gets in Sport+ trim that the convertible doesn't – because of the space required for the roof when stowed away – is rear-wheel steering. SUBTLE ELEGANCE In addition to the visual appeal of the exterior sheetmetal, the LC Convertible concept attracts drivers and passengers alike with an … Cookies are used to give you the best experience on our site, to deliver 3rd party services and tools, to help us understand and improve how the site works, and for advertising. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. Stick to testing econobox hybrid skodas, vws, seats and Audis autocar and let the proper motoring enthusiast magazines test the proper cars. It’s based on the same Global Architecture Luxury platform as the Coupé, with compact overhangs and Ford Focus Active X Vignale 1.0 Ecoboost MHEV 2020 UK review, Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e R-Dynamic 2020 UK review. This also happens to be the first Lexus ever to use a folding soft-top, because in the past both the IS and SC both had heavy origami hard-tops, which did the handling no favours at all. The LC Convertible is available to pre-order online now. t’ll remain an esoteric choice: far bigger on charm than broad appeal. In general it wants (and needs) to be coaxed more than cajoled. It's dynamic character is closer to that of the laid-back Mercedes than any Porsche or AMG, whizz-bang V8 or not. Why, because you cannot think for yourself....oh but its an Alfa darling. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Basic models forego the LSD and use brake-based torque-vectoring instead, as well as wearing 20in wheels. This car has more soul in one alloy wheel that some fat bling Audi. Moreover, wind buffetting is minimal, even at speed. The camel interior of this car is especially fetching, but in any hue the interplay between curves, planes and hard angles feels likeably and exotically different to anything European. However, at 2035kg (100kg up on the coupe) and with an overt softness that works well on the straight ahead but holds the LC Convertible back during cornering, it certainly isn't as rewarding or precise to drive as some German or British rivals. Slighty spongey brake-feel doesn't help.

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