Delivery of production cars began in 1967, and this first version of the car was known as the P400. The Lamborghini Miura is a mid-engine sports car from Lamborghini and was produced between 1966 and 1973. Only 474 were built, with some believing that the first 100 or so cars were made with a thinner gauge steel and a resultant lower weight. Miura Prices. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount. Today the Lamborghini Miura is a highly prized collector' item that doesn't disappoint when driven, with a top speed of over 170 mph and a 0-60 dash in the high 5-/low 6-second range. Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. Power’s industry-leading valuations data drives Price Does Not Include Raging Bull ... 22-Sep-2020; Private Some specials included a singular example of a high performance factory special called the Jota, as well as five factory replicas that followed. Top-Rated 2020 Family SUVs in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Small SUVs in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Small Cars in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Luxury SUVs in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Trucks in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Luxury Cars in Quality According to Consumers, Top-Rated 2020 Sedans in Quality According to Consumers, 10 Most Popular Midsize SUVs and Crossovers, Most Reliable Crossovers and SUVs in 2017, 2019 Vehicle Dependability: Most Dependable Trucks, 10 Most Popular Luxury SUVs and Crossovers, 10 Most Popular Large SUVs and Crossovers, 2019 Vehicle Dependability: Most Dependable Luxury SUVs.

The SV can be readily identified by its lack of fins, or "eyebrows" around the headlights, and the later SVs also finally had a separate oil supply for the transaxle and engine, eliminating the potential for gearbox metal circulating through the engine. A Historical Timeline of Lamborghini Prices From the 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV prototype to the recently sold out $3.2 million Sián Roadster. Car available without delay.

If you would like to discuss your Hagerty Insurance policy, please call us at 877-922-9701. The Lamborghini Miura SV is considered a Blue Chip Collector's Car and the automobile is included in several Collector Car Price Indexes.

Production: 1966-73. Moreover, the Miura pioneered the mid-engine two- seat layout, making it popular as the first supercar ever. 1969 Lamborghini Miura Prices With the strong symbol of a bull as its logo, the power produced by a Lamborghini car is evident even when it is turned off. The S models featured new Pirelli tires, an interior that is characterized by an overhead console with available air conditioning, and an uprated motor that now had 370 hp on hand. In the event of a claim, the guaranteed value(s) on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle(s) is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different.

Founded in 1963 in Italy, Lamborghini manufacturers ultra exotic sports cars that showcase a blend of unique design flair with raw, pulse-quickening performance. Hand Made 3D Lamborghini Miura Desk Ornament Measuring 230mm Long x 80mm High. It was the first supercar that featured a revolutionary rear mid-engine two-seater layout that has since been used as the standard for many high-performance sports cars and supercars. At the time the car was released, it was the fastest production road car.

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