Or I could purchase a Thunderbolt to USB-C powered hub, but I would still not know if the notebook is definately Thunderbolt. 5. Therefore, this looks like it could work, however, we cannot test to confirm. Does it work with my computer? The USB audio driver for this dock should be installed when DisplayLink graphics software is installed. One question. Your ASUS MB16AC display requires a source that has USB-C out with DP Alt Mode. The driver seems to be registered under yje Device Driver. Your best option would be MSTMDP123HD or MSTMDP122DP with two DP2HDMI2. 1x Type-C USB3.1 Gen2 ; 3x Type-A USB3.0 ;1x RJ45 ; 1x SD (XC/HC) Card Reader ; 1x (4K @ 60Hz) HDMI ;1x Mini-DisplayPort, Just connect using your displayport or HDMI. They can be reached here: StarTech.Support. Neither of these options is really better or worse as they should perform with the exact same technical capability. Any update? There is no requirement on the DisplayPort version of the display for this to work. Thanks in advance I have an ASUS VivoBook running Windows 8 connected to a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock. I’m trying to troubleshoot to find out if this is just a general USBC port problem (she also has bluetooth error on this so maybe the whole laptop needs replacement) or if I need a different kind of adapter to work to connect more than one monitor (she only has one HDMI out port on the Probook). If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact our support team at http://www.startech.com/cl/soporte where we would be happy to assist further. I don’t think the second generation USB-C was available to Kaby Lake Gen 7 Intel CPUs either, .Besides buying a monitor and hoping for the best, is there anyway I can check whether the port is a thunderbolt port? USB-C cable: USB315C5C6 However, if you want the features of DisplayPort 1.4 (like HBR3, HDR, 8K) you will need a DisplayPort 1.4 display that supports all those features. Thanks, I’ll keep an eye for it, here is my situation in case you have any other thoughts…. I’d rather use this instead of the hdmi port i currently use. How to check •whether my computer’s USB-C port supports DP Alt Mode. The USB C port works fine for data. Or is DP1.2 the minimal requirement to trigger DP alt mode on an USB-C/TB3 port? Usb C Hub Laptop Docking Station With Triple Display 11 In 1 Usb Type C Adapter; Thinkpad Hybrid Usb C With Usb A Dock Unboxing; Dell K20A001 WD19 USB-C Docking Station Black 6 Months Old, Little Used If you are looking for a cable solution rather than an adapter check out this product. I have one normal monitor 144hz (acer predator XB241HBMIPR) 3 years later, even after the Creator Update on Windows 10, I still have the audio problem. Hey Gabriel, in order to drive a USB-C display your notebook needs to be USB-C enabled as well. Second, it looks like the monitor you mentioned above may be powered by the USB-C port which means that you’d also require power delivery. It does not work with my Mac Mini. I could get a bi-directional DisplayPort to USB-C cable, however, this cable would not supply power to the monitor. You can run lots of monitors of that graphics card. Select Browse my computer for driver software. Any tip is appreciated. I need a thunderbolt 3 cable of 2m (6 foot) that support (DP ALT) mode for USB-C at full dataspeed. Your graphics controller spec is: Which usb-c to hdmi adapter will work with a Blackberry Keyone? Thank you Danielle and Douglas for your detailed answers. It has an onboard intel graphics card and an additional NVIDIA 940 MX graphics card on board built in. It requires DisplayPort (DP1.2 alt mode) and power over USB (PD2.0). Our team tested this on an Asus RTX 2070 Dual to a Dell U2518D over USB-C to DP-Alt mode. I read the manual of my computer (MSI GE63VR 7RE) and it says that I have Port USB 3.1 (Type C). I spend many hours trying to find the answear but still have doubts. There are some details we’ll need to clarify to help find a solution. how to find out, which dp alt mode (1.2 or 1.4) my monitor supports? Hopefully more adaptors and port replicators will come out, and the people selling them will actually know if they work or not! Hi there! Note: my x360 has no problem displaying externally through its HDMI port. We recommend contacting your phone’s manufacturer (ASUS) to help you troubleshoot. However, we’d be happy to help you look into this to confirm if it is compatible. After reading the user manual of the portable display, page 10 shows an example of charging the display while getting video from another source. My docking station uses a USB C input. If you need any other support enabling this solution, please reach out to our free tech support team at startech.com/chat. Unfortunately, we do not have a 1 cable or adapter solution that converts the video and adds power. The smartphone battery is therefore rapidly empty. Hi Al! Hi, i’m wondering if your team maybe can test and confirm if there’s one of your bi-directional DP to USB C cables can work for this scenario: Laptop’s DP port connect to Thinkvision M14 USB C. It would be best to check with the manufacturer to confirm this. I then tried a USB 3 to HDMI adaptor. Knowing what devices and ports support the various Alt Modes may be confusing and, at times, frustrating. y540: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/y540_irh_ug_en_201904.pdf However, there are new monitors available that are doing what you’ve described using USB-C where they draw power, video, and USB data through a single USB-C cable connected to a PC. For performance information on using MST over USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 we recommend contacting the computer manufacturer. I’d recommend either linking to another article about MST or spell out the Acronym so people can research it on their own. I own an HP envy x360, and want to connect to my LG monitor 34um69G-B. Our team has reached out to you directly to try to help troubleshoot. If it does, use of MST accessories, such as our MSTDP123HD will work. Intel graphics cards only support a maximum of 3 total displays. Thunderbolt (up to 40 Gbps) If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our Advisors at StarTech.com/chat. A direct connection to a video port on the computer (HDMI or mini-DisplayPort) should work and would bypass the need for a USB solution. They will not play sound when connected through the USB 3.0 Dock. Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not those of StarTech.com, Tech Talk: Using USB-C and DisplayPort over Alt Mode. ( USB c on one end and display port on the other end of the cable ). But those active cables doesn’t support (DP ALT) mode for USB-C. Hi Bart! Continuing our discussion on display technologies, let’s turn our attention to USB-C and DisplayPort. Hopefully, that helps to clarify things. I am not sure if the problem is Windows 8, the Lenovo drivers, or if this driver is standard on Lenovo laptops only so not included in the driver packs....I would greatly appreciate any help that can be rendered. Hello to all! We’re available via phone at 1-800-265-1844 or live-chat. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Hey I was wondering if my gaming laptop only has a usb-c port and my monitor supports 144hz only with DisplayPort 1.2 if I got a usb-c to DisplayPort 1.2 adapter the 144hz would work on external monitor Browser Compatibility. If you need any help finding the right product, you can connect with our Tech Support or check out our docking stations page for lots of great tips and insights to help you find the right solution for your needs. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a way to convert your Lightning connection to USB-C with DisplayPort. Hi Danielle. I have an Asus ROG mobile and i recently bought this promate unihub c4 that is supposed to allow screen mirroring to a larger monitor. Is there any way to output a video from iPhone into usb-c? Thanks Daneille. Those are great questions – we understand all of this can get confusing. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you for confirming the functionality of the Type-C port on the MSI computer. Our team of technical advisors are available 24hr (Mon-Fri) to answer all of your tech and solution related questions. Hope that helps! I have tried using a USB C to HDMi adaptor to connect to an external monitor but it doesnt seem to work. For second monitor, you could daisy chain of one of the monitors, or just go direct to the second monitor with our spare graphics outlet port ie hdmi or displayport. https://chat.startech.com/?lang=EN, Hi There is hot plug detection on the jack socket, so the audio can only be selected when headphones are plugged in. So far the LG Support was unable to 100% confirm that I will work. something like this .. https://www.amazon.com/SUNIX-USB-C-Express-Alternate-Mode-UPD2018/dp/B01MY4WRBU Hi there! Unfortunately, it looks like the computer you use won’t support that display. And those monitors will be much a very large amount less costly if not equipped with Thunderbolt, and still a lot less costly than a monitor with USB-C input. Does this imply that I would be able to use your 3 HDMI MST hub for my 3 monitors from this ultrabook, given that the Intel® HD Graphics 620 is supposed to support up to 3 displays? Unfortunately, the Pixel 2 XL does not support video out over the USB-C port. Hi Sora! With DP over USB-C apt mode, what does the graphical rendering? 3. Thank you. Hi Guys, That would be for example to use an adapter to provide a DisplayPort connection from the computer and then use a bi-directional USB-C to DisplayPort cable to make the video connection to the monitor (but I still need an adapter DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort). I picked a graphics card with USB-C port on it, this means I can safely assume that it supports DP Alt mode and I can connect my display to my graphics card right? I have an Asus USB-C only monitor that works good on my laptop and on my smartphone. Or can I just update my laptor to one that does have usb type C Alt Mode Display? Because the monitor states that the micro USB is only for supplemental power, we believe this means that it gets most, if not all, of its power from the USB-C. And the best solution is Startech. Therefore, you will be able to use USB-C cables to connect directly to a USB-C monitor or use a USB-C docking station to access monitors and USB support. The monitor resolution is 3440×1440 60Hz which uses 8.92 Gbps of bandwidth, 4K 30Hz uses 7.46 Gbps. I have a X99 Taichi motherboard Hi Christopher! Click on Next button.

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