%PDF-1.3 stream FlashDevelop is a free, open source code editor for Windows designed specifically for Flash ActionScript, and is my personal code editor of choice while developing games. Einige Komponenten sind nicht im SDK enthalten, wie die Komponenten von fl.controls. also tschechisch das Projekt für diese Option einstellen. Der nächste Schritt wäre für dich anders, weil ich flash develop (was kostenlos ist) benutze. To begin, you must have installed and set up the AIR and Flex SDKs. There are two ways to setup the Apache Flex SDK. In the flex-sdk directory create a copy of the env-template.properties file and name it env.properties. You may also be able to use the Flash Player Plug-in. It is usually located here: Write the application code . Click. ���(/��g7��`V7��e5�~�+�|6w�s�H�]Q�s�j^��e3g(�`�΃��� R��6�����_Z�B�M-{�Q�I�]�̅0�|a+&�0�7u�ԂM8m�6�&V�f�A�l�]�[�pغ��k �)I�pDR{��+�F�����d¯�7 +�pl���F�nH�4A�i�Q��y�I.��N"��;�W�pִᲦ½:-"�7)��ore.�(*Шf�覊�s %��J�VU Sie können kostenlose Flash-Komponenten hier erhalten: http://www.flashcomponents.net/components/free_flash_files.html?1=1&f=cprice&fv=0,0. Where can I go to manually change the Target SDK path? erledigt. Once you run the installer you must copy it to the location you want. For testing, the Adobe Flash Player's mm.cfg file must have the proper properties set and a FlashPlayerTrust file must allow local SWFs to access local files. When you run the build script later the script will validate the paths provided and warn you if they are incorrect. where the number corresponds to the version you download. >> Einige Komponenten sind nicht im SDK enthalten, wie die Komponenten von fl.controls. Whichever version you choose to download should not impact your ability to follow along with the sample applications. Gibt es einen anderen manuellen Weg dies zu tun, ohne Flash Pro zu kaufen oder zu benutzen? Apache Flex open source community. This contains the version numbers of the software you downloaded. Download Flex SDK; 4. You'll need to update the /ApacheFlex/source/flex-sdk/frameworks/build.xml file with an updated version check code. Wählen Sie dann unter Veröffentlichungsoptionen die Option Nur Flash und auf der Registerkarte Flash die Option Export nach SWC aus. Hier sind 32 Flash-UI-Komponenten für $ 99: http://www.flashloaded.com/flashcomponents/bitcomponentset/. Flex is a highly productive, open source application framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and devices. (Z������c�4. So if you saved the playerglobal.swc to the following directory: The environment properties file contains the environment variables which point to the locations of the dependencies you will use throughout the process. Get involved … components are licensed under the Adobe Flex SDK license. Test the application. �)'8&;�;P�X����=����3ԫW˥�UO��xvs��Csk|؊Gj[*���=���"[��� J �k��$�{5[s�RR��R�N3u�)h3� Note: Since this value builds the path be sure to use the full value, 12.0, instead of 12 if your path contains it. Compile the application. You can use the provided Apache Flex SDK Installer, an Adobe AIR application that automates the process (on Windows or OS X/macOS). Sie können sie sogar direkt in die Bibliothek verschieben. Click, Select a directory where you want the SDK installed. But, when I open my project info window to try to change the Target SDK from Mac OS to Flex, I cannot manually specify the path, which I could in Xcode 3.1 on Leopard. In this case, copy it to the. Create the AIR application descriptor file. Copy this location before you install. These values are used in building the path to the SDK. Add or verify that the following entries are in the file: In the same directory as the mm.cfg file is the FlashPlayerTrust directory. Install FlashDevelop; 2. Configure FlashDevelop; 1. Welche Möglichkeiten habe ich, um auf die Flash-Komponenten zugreifen zu können? /Library/Internet Plug-ins/Flash Player/ "Hello World" Test; 3. For example: In the flex-sdk directory is the build properties file. /Producer (null) >> Click, Check all of the license agreements. Hier ist, was ich mache: Erstellen Sie ein Fla, und speichern Sie alle Komponenten auf der Timeline, die Sie benötigen. This modified text is an extract of the original Stack Overflow Documentation created by following. Creating your first AIR application for Android with the Flex SDK. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns suitable for developers from many backgrounds. Create the following directory structure on your computer for the Flex SDK, usually stored in the root or Documents directory. Download and install the latest version of Ant, Download and install the latest version of Git. Open that directory and create a new text file called ApacheFlex.cfg. Select the Flash Player version. Sie müssen dazu nicht Flash Pro verwenden. Install Pixel Bender. Wait for the installer to download and install the Apache Flex SDK. flash programming language (2) Ich verwende das Flex-SDK, um ActionScript 3-Klassen in ein SWF zu kompilieren. 5 0 obj << /Type /Info Download Debug Player; 5. When you install the program it gives you the option to choose the install location. ��E�������ֳ�ǃ�?� ��(O��j� "�!�0 In this tutorial, we’ll go through installing and configuring FlashDevelop. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass Sie ein Adobe Flash-Produkt kaufen müssen, um die Adobe-Komponenten zu erhalten. Sie stammen nicht von Adobe, sondern von unabhängigen Entwicklern. Ich verwende das Flex-SDK, um ActionScript 3-Klassen in ein SWF zu kompilieren. ��X�vuB��)���*�b��ϖWZ��5_����;�"��'g�C5�}�@��&��1uC��� ��q��#C�>Iś7Y; ^V��Y��`n-[�X�l˶�$�tInw瘲jO!���'�'H���� �����3�A�SZYS�#�p. You will add additional environment variables through out the rest of this tutorial.

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