While I recognize that this is the reality of many families’ stories, I worry that it does not create space for the ways that children may also find support and that it contributes to a narrative of stigma that is often attached to LGBT/gender non-conforming kids. Thank you. Follow The Spaces In Between on WordPress.com. // How Far Do You Love Me? But first, my class and our discussion of queer children’s books. And I also love the subtlety and intimacy of the moment when Julián’s abuela comes out of the shower and discovers him all dressed up as a mermaid. Sharing photos from the annual parade held in Brooklyn, New York, students explored images of children and adults celebrating at the mermaid parade while referencing the story they just read. Love skillfully uses vibrant watercolors, gouache and ink in mostly double-spread, full-bleed illustrations whose vivid details virtually glow against the soft matte background of brown kraft paper. She points out the quiet acceptance that I noted above, when Julián’s grandmother comes out of the shower, and describes how Abuela is supportive through gesture, gaze, and simple comments. / Misterios de un minuto: ¡Misterios cortos que resuelves con matemáticas! “Maybe abuela wants to help Julián with his costume,” another student imagined. One Minute Mysteries: Short Stories You Solve with Math! Finally, a small note to say that there was a baby/toddler who attended the panel about children’s queer literature, which was lovely. Julián is a Mermaid is a story about a boy and his Abuela. Please call before going to store. This weekend I also had the opportunity to attend a panel at NWSA about children’s literature, which included a presentation on Julián is a Mermaid and I will end this post with some of the main points from the talk and the Q and A afterwards. It’s time to go. (Edited to add: You can read her review of the book on her blog here.). Julián Is a Mermaid ... Refreshingly, Spanish words aren't italicized. Uh-oh. Her crush on the fourteenth-century saint could have A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. Apparently some have also critiqued this book because it is thought to be impossible for a Hispanic abuela to be accepting. / Misterios de un minuto: ¡Más misterios cortos que resuelves con ciencias! Hardcover, Chinese (12/13/2019) Though it could easily feel preachy, this charmingly subversive tale instead offers a simple … / Esteban de Luna, ¡rescatador de bebés! + Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love Read and Discuss the Book Julián Is a Mermaid Introduction to the book: Before reading this book to your students, share that the book is called Julián Is a Mermaid and that the imagined character, Julián, the child on the cover of … Thank you. I agree with everything you’ve said and want to talk more about white authorship and representational practices! There is also not-so-hidden symbolism, such as the relationship between Abuela and the giant blue fish, or that between three girls joyfully playing at an open fire hydrant and the three mermaids Julián meets on the train. The story takes place in an unnamed location, and the characters in the book appear to be of Latinx descent and speak both English and Spanish. Hardcover, Korean (11/22/2019). A headband of leaves and a long curtain for his mermaid tail, Julian’s grandmother returns from her bath as Julián lets out an “uh-oh.” Recognizing the word, a student raises their hand and exclaims, “Spanish!” The story continues with Julián creating his very own mermaid wear with objects found in his home. I love how the story subtly deals with the parents’ hesitation, even as they express love and support for him, and the book also captures the complex feelings that arise for Jacob throughout the story. She also offers a close reading of Julián’s underwater day-dreams and argues that dreams are key to queer desires and subjectivities. Makai Kellogg is on the D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice Anti-Bias Education Leadership Team. We believe you. Editorial Reviews. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Julián Is a Mermaid is written and illustrated by Jessica Love. Hello, I am Jessica Ann Vooris, author of “The Spaces in Between.” I am a queer writer, researcher, and educator, whose work focuses primarily on LGBTQ youth, especially transgender children. Site Search. (f) means that a noun is feminine. In a sea of gorgeous turquoise-green, he swims with a variety of sea creatures, and accepts a necklace from a large blue fish with white patterned scales.

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