“The dust grains eventually become the Orionids in October and the Eta Aquarids in May if they collide with Earth’s atmosphere.”. ", A third stargazer said: "It was amazing to watch the #LyridMeteorShower. The comet only passes Earth every 75 to 76 years, but the debris it leaves behind create a spectacular sight which looks like shooting stars in the night sky. Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular display of shooting stars with the return of the Orionid meteor shower this week. As many as 50 meteors an hour will appear during the peak. However, unlike the Lyrids, the Eta Aquariid meteor shower won’t be as easy to see even as it peaks this week. However, the … The Lyrid meteor shower peaked on Tuesday night (April 21), scattering a handful of shooting stars across the skies every hour. Meteor shower 2020: The Eta Aquarids will peak in the first weekl of May this year, ‘Big mistake’ Why scientist was stunned by Einstein discovery, UFO sighting: ‘Spaceship’ seen entering Mexican volcano, 'UFO exiting Mexican volcano is 100 percent proof of aliens', Space weather warning: Earth being hit by solar storm, Starlink Tracker: How to watch SpaceX's Starlink satellites, Watch: A huge fireball shoots over Europe, Does Planet Nine exist? The small particles create the light trail across the night sky as they burn up in our atmosphere.. The Eta Aquarids meteorshower will peak over the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5 and 6, shortly after midnight, with experts anticipating a spectacular meteor shower. DON'T MISS...Starlink Tracker: How to watch SpaceX's Starlink satellites [INSIGHT]Watch: A huge fireball shoots over Europe [VIDEO]Does Planet Nine exist? READ MORE: Space weather warning: Earth being hit by solar storm. So when are the Eta Aquarids this year and what can you expect from the spectacle? The Eta Aquarids will arrive hot on the heels of the Lyrids, with individual shooting stars already visible at night. Although the annual meteor shower is one of the smaller ones, stargazers under lockdown welcomed the display of fireworks. What the new Covid restrictions mean, What time Boris Johnson is delivering his next Covid-19 announcement today. Covid tier map shows the areas of England subject to each level of lockdown restrictions, Pope backs civil unions for same-sex couples, backing 'right to be part of family', Boiling a litre of water in a plastic kettle 'releases 10m microplastics into tea and coffee', Can you have a support bubble in Tier 2 and Tier 3? According to Nasa, Orionids are known for their brightness as well their speed. But when, where and how can you see the Orionid meteor shower this year? The meteor shower is named after its radiant point near the constellation Aquarius. As they fall towards us, they leave behind glowing trails of ionised gas. Meteor shower 2020: The Eta Aquarids will peak in the first weekl of May this year (Image: GETTY) READ MORE ‘Big mistake’ Why scientist was stunned by Einstein discovery Eta Aquarid meteors are known for their speed,’ explains Nasa. If you’re going to try and see them, it’s best advised to try and blot out the moon with the side of a building or some other obstacle to give you a clearer and darker view of as much of the sky as possible. A meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through a stream of tiny pieces of debris left behind by a comet. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Down there it’s possible to see up to 40 meteors an hour, but up here in the UK we’ll have to adjust our expectations a bit. Unfortunately, this is also the time when the night sky will be filled by a full waxing gibbous moon shining brightly. ‘In general, 30 Eta Aquarid meteors can be seen per hour during their peak.’. Earth happens to cross paths with the comet's orbit twice a year, producing the Eta Aquarids and Orionids. Nasa explained: ‘To view the Eta Aquarids find an area well away from city or street lights. Our universe is magnificent.". The meteor shower has been going on above our heads for a couple of weeks, and runs roughly from April 19 – May 28.

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