Elijah and Tristan discussed their similarities and differences, and the role Elijah played in Tristan's history. Elijah nervously asked Klaus if he loved Aurora and if that would get in the way of stopping her. Once Vincent tracked down the witch Dominic, Elijah reminded Klaus to let him handle Dominic. While Elijah could hold his own, he was being overwhelmed by Marcel's assault until Hayley arrived to help him. Elijah and Rebekah with the Werewolf Eve. Klaus tells him even if he did he wouldn't share them with Elijah, because he thinks Elijah would share his plans with Freya whom he still doesn't trust. Elijah tells him for now Hayley, Jackson and Hope are safe. Elijah realized Dominic had taken Papa Tunde's blade, which turned out to be one of the Hollow's bones; understanding that if the Hollow's followers got to the rest of the bones before they did, they would raise the Hollow who would come for the Mikaelsons. Without the personal memories, he still had knew all about the Mikaelson family, and wanted nothing to do with any of them. Elijah defended Marcellus from Kol's sadism, grabbing his brother by the neck, only being stopped by Klaus who proceeded to dagger Kol again, recognizing that he was too wild. Despite his prowess against Klaus and Marcel's army, he has been defeated by lesser vampires before, in fact only two, Stefan and Damon; however, they were using hit and run tactics against him, as well using a stake gun and vervain bombs, which ended in Damon outflanking him and staking him to a door. He then fights with Niklaus and Klaus fights back until Elijah falls on Kol's coffin and then Klaus takes the dagger from Kol's body and says he will use it on Elijah. 977/978 A.D. (Mystic Falls, Age 23-24/1049+) Elijah told him about the Hollow's plans for rebirth and with Hayley's help, they learned that the Hollow was searching for its own remains. Elijah went to Aya's hideout where she introduced him to Ariane, a young witch who would be able to piece together the visions Alexis showed Elijah of the prophecy. Despite their warnings of Mikael's arrival, he refused to flee. A letter is sent under the prophet's name to Jehoram of Judah. They pray from morning to noon without success. After speaking with Davina, Elijah realized that she was in possession of the one weapon that could kill an Original and knowing her history with Klaus, he remained cautious. Elijah hallucinates and doesn't realize he's harming Hayley. "the Sacred Fire of Israel", Rowley, H.H., "Elijah on Mount Carmel", p. 210 et seq., The John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, "Baháʼí Reference Library – God Passes By", "Baháʼí Reference Library – Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era", "Link to on-line biography of Lorenzetto from Vasari's, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Elijah&oldid=983933635, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Perhaps the best-known representation of the story of Elijah is, "Go Like Elijah" is a song by the American rock-pop-jazz songwriter, Referenced in the song "It Was Written", by, Elijah appears in psychologist Carl Jung's ", This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 03:55. Klaus tried one last time to remind Elijah that they were kings that stood shoulder to shoulder throughout the ages, but Elijah proclaimed that Elijah Mikaelson was dead and snapped Klaus's neck. Hayley tells them they, don't have to worry about her. He then comes to the bar Rousseau where he saves Sophie and kills her attackers sent by Marcel. Cami tells him that the plan wouldn't have worked. Celeste has produced a remedy to the curse placed on Hayley's family. "How long will you go limping with two different opinions? Elijah then ends the conversation with saying he thinks his brother's in trouble, when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to know why. In Red Door, Elijah has a dream about a brunette girl running away from him. In her memory, the two of them visiting an opera house shortly after Rebekah's undaggering, Elijah tells Rebekah that due to Davina's removal of the dagger, the weapon lost its effect (it needs to be dipped in white oak ash to keep him down) on him and his body is slowly restoring. He wants to know why Hayley isn't answering her phone just then Rebekah and Marcel enter. Before they had learned compulsion to help cover their tracks, Elijah made sure that they always disposed of the bodies they fed on and killed whoever knew the truth about them. Elijah broke off a piece of a table and threw the wood through the door, into Lucien's neck. They walked in Central Park and Antoinette explained her past, and that taking off the daylight ring allowed her to embrace that she had become an undead creature of the night, wanting to be reminded that she wasn't human and had died before. Rebekah thanked him and hugged him, before hugging Elijah, knowing this would be the last time she saw her brothers. When Elias prevailed over the priests of Baal, it was on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:38), which later became known as Mount St. Elias. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Elijah was working out at the gym to get out some anger when Hayley arrived with an invitation she intercepted for him from The Strix, inviting him to a gala. She tells him that Dahlia won't be able to hurt Hope or any child again. The Noble BrotherThe Honorable OneThe Noble Stag (by Finn and Klaus)The Noble Martyr, Monster (Both by Tatia)The Noble Elijah, Sentimental Fool (Both by Klaus)Swine (by Kol)Boy (by Mikael)EM (by Katherine)Captain Condescension (by Gia)My Beautiful Boy (by Esther)Brutal Sadistic Monster (by Davina)Elijah Smith (Alias)E. (by Antoinette)Mr. Marshall (mistaken by Landon)

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