The transmission is oral, that is, it is communicated by word of mouth and from generation to generation. This is another characteristic of Levi-Strauss. The legends are human beings who were relevant in a historical moment because of their actions, thoughts or feats. There are many types of myths, which are classified according to the story they tell. Figures from Greek mythology. According to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, a legend is a traditional tale or group of tales told about a specific person or place. The Myths Are stories, usually of oral tradition, that tell fantastic stories whose protagonists are fantastic beings, or at least have characteristics that are not typical of humans. Great myths and legends of history. The level of depth of the existential question is closely related to the classification of myths. Uttinger, G. (1 October 2002). Death also has an essential part in the myths, and towards it usually they address much of the histories narrated in the myths. The myths are usually Manichaean stories, where grays do not exist. As it is usually transmitted orally, the legend is modified and adorned with the passage of time, so that it becomes impossible to know its true origin or the real reasons for which ended, ultimately, becoming a legend. (August 30, 2012).

Although they have the capacity to keep alive a group of people astonished by history, the myths acquire a much greater significance. Recovered from In addition to the tutoring branch, the warnings are very present. in legends/myths sometimes there seems to be an evil creature that someone conquers.

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Legends change over time and are added to as the story is retold. The space-time where the story unfolds is sufficiently known, specific and locatable. The term"urban"is given more by the"current"than by the related to a city. Legend has a historical basis, while myth is based on beliefs outside of historical time. some legends are historical tales about people from so long ago that we can’t possibly know if they are true or not. In addition, the explanation also goes in the direction of understanding the social group that narrates it: its traditions, customs and way of seeing and assimilating to the world that surrounds it, besides establishing its relations with him. Legends focus on the characters and the grandiosity of their actions. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! They are like myths but the difference is that behind a legend there is always something true, no matter how small or exagerrated it is.

(2017). At present it is common to hear of myth and legend as synonyms. In addition, from the myths tells the worldview that has a group on certain social issues, as well as their treatment of other cultures, similar or alien. Johnblack. Among them are the cosmogonics, which tell the creation of the world, the anthropogenic, who talk about the emergence of man and eschatological, which tell how the end of the world. For myths to emerge, they must come from a collective imagination. Retrieved from There exist theogonic myths, which tell the rise of the gods and how they came to be implanted as such and to exert power on the planet.

There are others that have become so popular that they have expanded their territory, becoming regional, national and even universal legends.

These differences can be summarized as follows: We use cookies to provide our online service. These differences can be summarized as follows: 1. As in any tale of popular tradition, myths can be classified into types according to their narrative characteristics. That is, extraordinary elements are acquired, such as superpowers, huge forces that face nature, the ability to fly, the vision of everything that happens... For a myth to be a myth, it must have characters whose characteristics far exceed the ordinary and thus can tell a story that could not happen in real life.

Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? .). - Written in such a way as be at least potentially real/true; includes no happenings outside of the realm of possibility. Among these characters are the gods, the demigods, the heroes, the beasts, among many other fantastic figures. We use cookies to provide our online service. Through the characteristics can be identified if you are talking about a myth or not. Other legends tell the stories of strange creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch. The actions of the characters are usually so unique that they are unrepeatable by any other person at any other time or place. Annie Perdomo (2016). Legends seek to explain historical facts, important moments or some cultural element to make an impact on society and generate specific attitudes, behaviors or beliefs. Although both have some similarities (for example, that mix reality with fantasy, explain a fact or phenomenon and are transmitted orally), there are some characteristics that differentiate them.

There are many related categories in this area. At present it is common to hear of myth and legend as synonyms.

The stories that are usually told in them try to give justification or explanation to the origin of certain things of the world, or to a phenomenon that happens. The myth is one of the main ones, because they show the belief of one of the societies from what they believe was the birth of the world, even as they believe it will be the end of it. This type is usually tied with the cosmogonic myth, which tells the creation of the Earth.

2. (2015). Cultural Deputy of the Bank of the Republic. The narration includes supernatural, magical or fantastic facts, which are the ones that allow doubt to the most skeptical and those who at the same time give the tint of heroicity to the characters.

Legends usually involve heroic characters or fantastic places God of the forest and … For the subject may be: the black legend, which tells negative or unfavorable stories; The infantile legend, the legend of terror or escatológica and the religious legend that includes saints, souls, punishments to sinners, black magic and pacts with the devil.

Editorial Almuzara. The Myths Are stories, usually of oral tradition, that tell fantastic stories whose protagonists are fantastic beings, or at least have characteristics that are not typical of humans.

What Are the Characteristics of a Legend.

Henry H. Peyton III (1969). Some of them are: For a myth to be such, it must first deal with an existential question. Myths and legends. 4. Universal Legends.

They are all different meanings of the term, which share the characteristic of magnificence and spectacularity. Baggini, J.

There are very local legends; It could be said that each town or locality has its legend. The legend develops in a place and time defined and known, while the myth refers to a remote and sacred time, imprecise and indefinite of which little or nothing is known. The characters of the legends are archetypical: they represent a type of human person and not supernatural beings as gods, demigods or heroes. They are divided according to the theme or origin. Carlos J. Taranilla de la Varga (2016). The myths have inherent characteristics that determine their identification in this category or not.

3. The stories of their gods begin to appear at the end of the republished periodwhen Greek religious models were incorporated. - Legends have a specific SETTING: a time, and a place. When narrating a myth, also tells a story and therefore, something is explained.

Although both have some similarities (for example, that mix reality with fantasy, explain a fact or phenomenon and are transmitted orally), there are some characteristics that differentiate them.

Whether oral or written, legends become part of the local, regional or national culture, according to the degree of importance they acquire, and are intermingled with the reality, customs and idiosyncrasy of the place. Common Elements in Creation Myths. This feature allows one to easily distinguish between storytelling and other stories.

(s.f.). Why do we have creation myths? The Characteristics of myths Are all those elements that generally identify all myths, or at least many of them. Usually balancing between the true and the unreal, and this is what makes it popular and attractive. Murtagh, L. Myths are not stories To entertain. In explaining historical facts, the legend differs from myth, since the latter explains deeper and more general principles and themes (such as good and evil, prizes and punishments, the origin of the world, nature and things, etc. 3. 2. The main features of Roman mythologyare described below: 1.

The characters may be fictitious or real, but they often have exaggerated admirable characteristics that exalt them and elevate them to the category of true heroes.

You may also be interested in viewing What are the differences between myth and legend . The stories they tell are part of a collective belief that is not scientifically testable but can describe the society in which they are told. According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, legend is also called a story based on real facts or characters, but deformed or magnified by fantasy or admiration. Editorial Sigmar (2006). It is a time and place familiar to members of the community; This is what makes history credible, believable and therefore popular. ABC-CLIO, USA. This classification is very useful when making comparisons between myths of the same type of different cultures and societies.

In some cases the legends have become so important that, after a long oral tradition, they have been written to guarantee its validity and permanence in time. The stories that tell the legends were real or partially real in ancient times and, with the passage of time, were carried with fictional details, or exaggerating reality to the extreme. A legend is a story that consists of a mixture of fantasy stuff and real stories.

Legends usually include beliefs and ideas of a culture. The main confrontation tends to be that of good against evil, or the gods are also very present against the rest of the men who did not follow his orders.

According to the philosopher Claude Lévi-Strauss, the existential question is one of the essential characteristics that must have the myths. They were addicted to the gods and their beliefs. Myth is the worldview of a culture.

The myths, although fantastic, have elements of real life. While some legends share common elements with myths, such as the presence of supernatural or mythical creatures, legends are generally accepted as based on fact. Myth is the worldview of a culture. A person who has been very important or very admired by society, and this admiration lasts in time, is also considered a legend.

In this way, they are able to explain the nature, physiognomic composition of men and astrological phenomena, for example. This explanation can go in two aspects: the understanding of the world in general and later the assimilation of the cosmovision of the group that produced the myth. One of the ways to understand a culture is through the understanding of its cultural manifestations.

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