The platform is widely used by a wide range of very talented content creators, creative professionals, and artists as it allows them to showcase their creations to the online community using a reliable portfolio site builder. This option is ideal for users who may only be considering a few select portfolio pieces to upload. Cargo Collective is a collection of software solutions and tools designed for blog authoring, site portfolio building, and web publishing. Not only does it offer blog authoring just like it’s main competitor wordpress, it takes the cake where wordpress does not: speed. Sign up to stay up to date with new in stock items. When you visit the Cargo Collective website, even without logging in, you will see a huge collection of regularly updated featured images and websites designed and created by its members in the Cargo gallery. The maximum file size for any image is 12MB. I used to build my website but it's really inconvenient bug-riddled tool today with very weak customer support. Some of the most common uses for Cargo 2 include digital magazines, portfolio sites, startups, and design agencies. It powers a variety of creative communities in the fields of Education, Design, Research, and Conceptual Art. (You can change this in your Settings → Display Options). Emma Brown. Click here for a list of stores
  • Maximum dimensions are 4096px in any direction. In terms of stability - Cargo shines. In order to display previously uploaded images at the new size they will need to be re-uploaded.
    Collective Cargo. Templates, add-ons, and anything in your CMS is produced by the Cargo team, so there’s no need to worry about third party compatibility or bugs. It's really a dinosaur of website building. Alphabetically. Your makeup is your Cargo. The paid plan costs $9 per month or $66 per year. The web-based platform is ideal for small startups, freelance content creators and artists, creative professionals, design agencies, SMBs, designers, and for people who want to have a reliable and affordable platform to showcase their creations.