The XT4 has 1 generations with the latest starting in the 2019 model year. We are not happy buyers! The other three issues submitted for the 2019 Cadillac XT4 were hissing and smoke in the cooling system, the remote start didn’t work, and severe rattling and clunking in the suspension. 2019 Cadillac XT4 AWD Luxury I have no problems with this vehicle. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority. The engine light will come on and then a message telling not to drive over 40 mph fuel to brake problems. Once your session begins, you’ll be matched with a Live ambassador who can help answer any questions you may have about the XT4. My car is very sporty looking for an SUV nothing like a mom car. This problem appeared at 900 miles. My vehicle is good on gas, technology is easy to use, sleek overall design. I also have tan interior which makes it look way sharper than other models. Three owners dealt with either a stalled vehicle or an error code. The 2019 Cadillac XT4 was the first model year for this entry-level luxury crossover SUV. Worst Cadillac XT4 Problems #1: Stalled/Error Codes 2019 XT4 Average Cost to Fix: N/A Average Mileage: 5,000 mi. It has just enough buttons; without, going overboard. Both 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 Cadillac is such an awesome car in general and they really put every little detail into their cars. After having a previous transmission problem, the owner found that rain or going through the car wash caused hissing and smoke to come from his radiator. 2020 Cadillac XT4 power train:automatic transmission:fluid/lubricant TSB … We have less than 1k miles on our XT4 and it's been back to the dealer 3 times The other three issues submitted for the 2019 Cadillac XT4 were hissing and smoke in the cooling system, the remote start didn’t work, and severe rattling and clunking in the suspension. Very quiet and good get up and go. Love the sound system. ...with optionally available all-natural leather furniture 2021 Cadillac CT4 Engine Cadillac continue to supply inexpensive excitement about 2021. Sometimes has problems starting up. The 2019 Cadillac XT4 has 13 owner reviews & common problems reported by owners including transmission, tires, battery, stereo, alternator, clutch, engine, suspension, heater & ac, electrical, ignition, sensors, brakes, windows, fuel, starting, lights, steering, stalling, leaks, vibrations and noises.. The interior is plush and luxurious. Excellent air conditioner and ventilated seats. I am short and it is a hard car to drive, I wish it was easier to park. The dealer suggested replacing the SUV’s computer but wasn’t certain how to fix the problem even after several weeks of tests. City gas mileage is 23 mpg. It is hard to clean sometimes the inside and starting the car can be a struggle but it has a lot of room I truly enjoy. I love this SUV. gave this a “fairly significant” severity rating of 6.7. It feels very comfortable and the seats are very luxury feeling. 2020 Cadillac CT4, 2020 Cadillac CT5, 2020 Cadillac XT4, 2020 Cadillac XT5, 2020 Chevrolet Blazer, 2020 GMC Acadia. One owner had the transmission replaced. I do not have anything else to say. The dealers weren’t too sure about the problems since it’s such a new SUV. The number of complaints is high for such a new SUV, but other vehicles, including the Cadillac XT5, have seen high complaints in their very first model year. Gets damaged easily. I really enjoy the heated seats and heated steering wheel feature as well. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. The seats are cooling and warming also they have a setting that can massage while driving which is amazing. Sure, the XT4 has its problems but at least it's better than the XLR. It is not a nice color. June 3, 2019 - The all-new 2019 Cadillac XT4 is a luxury SUV that competes in a hotly contested field of small luxury SUVs. The ride is smooth and the cabin is quiet. I have no problems with this vehicle. Seats are comfortable and even have a massage setting. The I would like leather seats. It is not too big or small. The website collects the problems that owners have had with their vehicles and displays them visually by model year and problem category. Generations are groups of model years where few, if any, changes were made to the vehicle which means their model years tend to break in similar ways. I wish it had seat warmers. The turbo engine makes this car quick as can be! The owner who had to replace the transmission had the issue of feeling a “stutter” when driving. Simplifying the It is well equipped with safety features and navigation system. Common Cadillac problems. It’s available with front- or all-wheel drive and a turbo-four engine, generating 237 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The XT4 ranks 15th in reliability out of 27 Cadillac models with an overall PainRank™ of 4.68. Cadillac Society exists to unite Cadillac owners, enthusiasts and fans from around the world by being the one-stop destination for Cadillac news and Cadillac forums.Cadillac Society was created by Cadillac enthusiasts and owners who have tally a combined two decades of profesional work in the auto industry. The check engine light also came on. I have no problems with my vehicle. It's very reliable and I rely on it to take me places and that's what I Does. Sure, the XT4 has its problems but at least it's better than the XLR. The 2020 Cadillac XT4 comes with a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty and a six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty. The dealer has already bleed thr system??? This bulletin provides information on the transport mode on message being displayed in the driver information center (dic) and/or battery light is flashing and the procedures to turn the transport mode message on and off. 2020 Cadillac XT4 AWD LUXURY Takes too much gas and lots of maintenance. My vehicle has a driver awareness system so I can tell when other vehicles and people are in my way to not hit. This was one of two engine problems reported, and the light came on around 2,500 miles. I think the color we have is slate grey, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Choose a one-on-one personalized session or feel more connected by joining a group tour. Visibility perfect, Sporty yet classy. Please enter your username or email address. While some owners with transmission problems had the check engine light illuminate, another owner submitted having the check engine light on as a separate engine problem. The 10th complaint was that the new XT4 rattled and clunked on just “mildly rough roads.” At just 450 miles, the owner tried to give it back to the dealer, but they wouldn’t take the return. Gets damaged easily. Also, very heavy and solid built. The check engine light also came on after the SUVs stalled. began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. You must be logged in to create new topics. It also has a large sunroof, heated steering, and a seat massager! And, the owner whose transmission wouldn’t shift wasn’t able to drive more than 3 MPH. $35,200 - $37,200 MSRP #2 2021 Audi Q3. Also see The car is a very pretty color and is easy to keep clean caddy’s are my all time favorite and I will never buy another type of car after this one. The problem happened around 7,050 miles. I am short and it is a hard car to drive, I wish it was easier to park. While the 10 complaints submitted to Car Complaints aren’t that many in total and only some are severe, it’s still a concerning start for this model year. Love our Cadillac xt4 premium luxury. The Cadillac XT4’s problems have appeared in five categories: transmission problems, engine problems, cooling system problems, electrical problems, and suspension problems.

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